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No, snails are in the animal group called mollusks. This group includes, slugs, clams, oysters, octopuses, sea slugs, cuttlefish, squid and the nautilus. What makes these animals mollusks and not insects is the fact that they are soft bodied with either one large foot, or multiple tentacles, and have a shell, or a remnant of a shell inside they're body. They also have a mantle and some have a radula, which is a small curved mouth with a rough inside that is used to scape off plant material to eat.
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Are snails animals or insects?

Firstly, insects are animals.   Snails are not related to insects in the least. They are  gastropods, which are mollusks. Mollusks are animals. 

Is a snail an animal or insect?

First of all, an insects are part of the animal kingdom. No, a snail is not an insect, but yes it is an animal. I believe a snail is a mollusk.

Why is your snail on the other snail?

They are getting to know each other so they can breed duuue

Can a snail shell grow out the snail?

No. Unlike animals like hermit crabs (who have to change their shells whenever they grow out of it), shells for snails grow WITH it.

Do snails eat insects?


What is a snail?

A type of mollusk that is protected by a hard shell.

Why do snail climb on a diffERENT snail?

if they are in a box they usally climb on each other as they think they can get higher so that they can escape but if it is a smaler snail on a bigger one then it might be its

How does snails does snail lay eggs?

Snails are Hermaphrodites which means that they are both female and male. On the vagina of the snail, the egg comes out. The eggs and sperm are made in the top part of the sna

Do snails have brains?

Snails have what is called a nerve cluster; not complex enough and doesn't have divided structures, yet controls the functions of the snail's body. This cluster of is formed f

Is a snail a bug or insect?

Neither, they are gastropods meaning they are related closer to mussels and squids than they are to insects.

How do snails attracts a female snail?

They attract by doing ritual that attracts a femal snail or the  male shows off its shell. There you go punks

Do snails kill other snails?

Yes Snails can eat each other, especially in captivity if there are smaller snails and they aren't fed a varied diet with all the nutrients they need.

How does a snail breathe?

  Answer   Snails "breathe" through their skin and through an opening called the pneumostome visible on the right side of their bodies.

What do snails do?

well they mostly sleep snails can hibernate and like eating allot there like an average baby they poop and pee and that stuff
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What can insect do?

they can eat