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Are snakes real?

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Yes. Snakes are quite common.
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Is the snakes on The Suite Life on Deck real?

Onthe episode " Snakes on a Boat" they used actual snakes. At the end of the show, on the ending credits, it says that Animal Rights people supervised and no animals were harm

What does it mean to dream about a snake with real diamond naga mani on its head shining and its looking at me?

This dream suggests the dream is given the opportunity to choose piety, right-thinking and prosperity. Because the snake is looking at the dreamer, the emphasis seems to be on

Are penis enlargement pills for real or just snake oil?

Snake oil or less. They are B vitamins, Ginko, and other things that may increase blood flow and raise blood pressure. In that sense they may increase the firmness of an erect

Are two headed snakes real?

Yes. Two headed snakes are real, as are other two headed animals. Usually they are mutants. Be careful when you see a picture or video of one, it could be fake.

In MGS what is Solid Snakes real name?

Solid Snake's real name is David.    *SPOILER*    His real name and true origin are revealed during Snake's confrontation with Big Mama (EVA) in Metal Gear Solid

The top 10 real largest snakes in the world?

1.Reticulated Python - Max.length = 49 ft 2.Green Anaconda - Max.length = 27 ft 3.Scrub Python - Max.length = 26 ft 4.Amethystine Python - Max.length = 26 ft 5.African

Are snow snakes real?

I believe the snow part refers to color. since snakes are reptiles  and cold blooded they need heat to move and live, the colder they  get the less active they are until the