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Are snakes real?

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Yes. Snakes are quite common.
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Are two headed snakes real?

Yes. Two headed snakes are real, as are other two headed animals. Usually they are mutants. Be careful when you see a picture or video of one, it could be fake.

Are Snake Fish real?

Yes they are real. They are tropical aquatic animals with large mouths in lizard-like heads.

Are giant snakes real?

Yes there are. Boa constrictors can reach 14 feet (4.25m) or more. The Reticulated pythons is known to grow to 30 feet (9.25m) and regular specimens of the Anaconda are found

Diamond back snake are they real?

yes they are just go to some of the southern states if you want to see one alive go to the janet huckabee nature center in fort smith arkansas

Are snow snakes real?

I believe the snow part refers to color. since snakes are reptiles  and cold blooded they need heat to move and live, the colder they  get the less active they are until the

Are pink snakes real?

Yes. Corn snakes can be pink, coral, or opal among other colors. I don't know about other snakes but I'm sure there are others out there somewhere