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Are teeth apart of the skeletal system?

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Yes, because the teeth are the strongest bones in the body. Some people even investigate murders by identifying the teeth. So yes, the teeth are part of the skeletal system.
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What does a skeletal system do?

1) It gives support and structure to the body 2) It is a place for muscle attachment and movement 3) It protects the visceral organs 4) It is a place for mineral storage

Why do you have skeletal system?

There are 5 functions of the skeletal system.   1. support   2. Protection   3. Movement   4. Storage of minerals   5. Blood cell production

Are teeth part of the skeletal system?

  Answer   Your teeth are considered part of the skeletel system but are not classified as bones as they are made of enamel and dentin

What is the skeletal system?

The skeletal (bone) system is the main system support system in vertebrates. It provides the rigidity for muscle and organ attachment; bones, tendons and muscles work togeth

What is a skeletal system?

  The bodily system that consists of the bones, their associated cartilages, and the joints, and supports and protects the body, produces blood cells, and stores minerals

Why do you have a skeletal system?

We need the skeletal system because it is to prevent us from becoming a blob. So that we can stand up right and sit up. It is also to protect the organs in our body.

What is is the skeletal system?

  The skeletal system are all the bones in your body that give your body support, and protect your organs.

What systems work with the Skeletal System?

Primarily the muscular system, but it also works with the nervous system and circulatory system.    the brain The muscular system and circulatory system are helped by th