Are the citizens of Russia moving in or out of Russia?

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Well, Russians emigrated out of Russia after the break u of The Soviet Union in 1992. Every year at least 200,000 russians left russia from 1995-2001, alongside lower life expectancy and not enough chilldren being born.

In 2010 the NET MIGRATION Was:
2011: +43,400
2012: +65,000

In 2012, 97,000 people came and only 32,000 left! So the net migration was 65,000 people. of the 92,000 people that came over, they came from:

-37,000 From European Union White People (Mostly UK, Spain, Poland)
-19,000 From Other Parts Of Europe Whites (Mostly, Ukraine and Belarus)
-12,000 OTHER WHITES (Mostly, Australians and Americans)

-20,000 From Arab World (Mostly, Algeria, Afghanistan, Mongolia and Iraq)
-3,400 From Africa or Other Asia (Mostly China and India)
-600 From Latin America (Almost 500 from Argentina)
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