Are the illegal immigrants dangerous?

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That is like asking-"are Chinese people dangerous?" or "are Americans dangerous?"
there are dangerous people all over the world.
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What is illegal immigration?

By definition, illegal immigration is migration of people across national borders in a way that violates the immigration laws of the destined country. The goal is generally up

What is an illegal immigrant?

An illegal immigrant is a person that has broken the law byentering or remaining in another country in violation of the lawsof that country.

Why is immigration illegal?

It isn't. There is a specialized system for legal immigration. Coming into a country without following that process is illegal.

Why are immigrants illegal?

Immigrants are only considered "illegal" in the United States if they unlawfully came into the country. Other countries do not consider people to be illegal under any circumst

Why do you have illegal immigration?

People from the poorest countries often believe life will be better somewhere else. So they try to leave their country to find work and seek a better life. Some apply for a vi

Is it illegal not to report an illegal immigrant?

It is not illegal. A person would face prison and fines if they HELP a person in that circumstance. There is a difference between simply being indifferent and actively and kno

When were immigrants illegal?

Whenever they cross the border illegally; meaning they do not pass the legal entry points and they do not possess appropriate documents.

Are all illegal immigrants illegal?

YES! In the USA, it is a felony to enter the USA without prior permission. It is a separate felony to use fake ID to obtain a job or any government benefit. ALmost all illega
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Is it illegal to marry an illegal immigrant?

No, it is not illegal, but it doesn't give that person a citizenship. To do that you need to file the right papers with immigration which may be hard since they are illegal.
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Why are illegal immigrants illegal?

In order to enter one country a person from another country often requires some documentation. If they do not have it, they can often be immediately sent home. Sometimes a per
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What an illegal immigrant?

An "illegal immigrant" is any person who enters the country in violation of the nation's laws, or remains in the country without authorization to do so. This would include peo