Are the siblings of your sister's husband considered your in laws?

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Your sister's husband is your in-law (your brother-in-law). His siblings are not related to you.
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What is your sister's husband?

Your sister's husband is your brother-in-law. Unless you are Ronan Farrow, Woody Allens and Mia Farrows natural son. "He's my father married to my sister. That makes me his son and his brother-in-law" Hooray for that!

What do you call your wife's sister's husband?

In the cultures based on the European languages, your wife's sister is your sister-in-law. Her husband is not related to you. In India, a wife's sister's husband may be called "Co-Brother."

Can i marry my late sister's husband?

There is no legal reason why you can't, though you would need to show proof of her death via death certificate before you could actually marry. The only problem would be other peoples' reactions when they find that you & your late sisters husband are getting married. As long as you are both ready to (MORE)

What do you call husband's sister's husband?

The English language has no term for a relationship between you and your husband's sister's husband. Most people would not consider her to be related to you. You could call her your sister-in-law's husband.

What is your elder sister's husband called?

Your sister's husband is your brother-in-law. It does not matter whether you speak of your elder sister or another sister, the same term is used for the husband of any one of your sisters.

What you call your cousin's sister's husband?

Answer By his name. You could call him cousin to include him verbally in your family but other than being your cousin's husband, he is no relation to you. Answer Your cousin's sister is also your cousin. However, your cousin's spouse is not related to you.

What is your father's sister's sister-in-law to you?

Your father's sister is your aunt. Her sister-in-law is either the wife of her brother or the sister of her husband. The wife of your aunt's brother is either your father's wife (your mother) or another of his sisters, and thus your aunt. The sister of your aunt's husband is not related to you.

What is your mother's sister's husband sister?

Your mother's sister's husband's sister is your aunt's sister-in-law, but is not related to you. Here's why: Your mother's sister is your aunt. The sister of a woman's husband would be her sister-in-law. In this case the woman is your aunt. So your mother's sister's husband's sister would (MORE)

What relation is your husband's sister's husband to you?

Your husband's sister's husband is not related to you. But he is your husband's brother-in-law. Another answer: There's no legal recognition for, or definition of, in-law relationships, so they can be described in any way that accords with your family's own customs. My cousin's spouse is still (MORE)

What is your relation to your husband's sister's husband?

In cultures based on the English language, and other western European cultures, you are not related to your husband's sister's husband. Most people would call him either "my sister-in-law's husband" or "my husband's brother-in-law."

If your husband's brother's wife is called sister-in-law then why it is said that your husband's sister's husband is not related to you and why there is no term in English to define this relation?

Your husband's brother's wife is not your sister-in-law. She is not related to you, just as your husband's sister's husband is not related to you. The reason the English language does not have a term for your relationship to the spouse of your spouse's sibling goes back to the way speakers of t (MORE)

Why parents-siblings often feels insecure of son-brother's wife but do not feel of daughter-sister's husband?

Some women try to force their way into the family if it is not open and going out of their way to include her. Some women will expect to be treated like the favorite daughter of her in-laws, and call them mom and dad before a man will with his in-laws. The women in the family see this as being false (MORE)

Is considering wife as priority means to be a henpecked husband and do not consider about the feelings of parents and siblings?

A man and wife should have good communication skills and thus this earns the respect from each of them. Wife and family should come before parents. Men who sit down with their wives and communicate any problems they may have are less likely to be henpecked. Wives may henpeck a husband because she is (MORE)

Is your sister's husband considered your husband's brother-in-law?

No. Your husband's brother-in-law would be your brother or the husband of your husband's sister. Your sister is your husband's sister-in-law . Your sister's husband is your brother-in-law but the English language has no term to describe a relationship between your husband and your sister's (MORE)

Are you related to your sister's sister-in-law?

You are not biologically related to your sister's sister-in-law. She's your sister's husband's sister, or your brother's wife (or your wife, if you are male). The English language, and related culture, does not recognise a relationship between you and your sister's sister-in-law when the sister-in- (MORE)

Can you marry your mother's sister's husband?

Where polygamy is illegal it is illegal to marry someone's husband. If this man is someone's husband, he is not permitted to marry anyone else. However, if your mother's sister (your aunt ) is deceased you could marry her husband in most countries. He is not related to you by blood.

If your dead sister's husband remarries is he still your brother-in-law?

Once your sister died, her husband (now her widower) ceased to be your brother-in-law in a formal sense, although if there is a bond between you there is nothing to prevent you from calling him your brother-in-law, even after he remarries. Their children continue to be your nieces and nephews, so so (MORE)

What do you call the mother of your sister's husband?

The mother of your sister's husband is your sister's mother-in-law. The English language has no specific term for a family relationship with your sister's mother-in-law, and you are not considered to be related to each other.