Are the students in the Blair Witch Project still considered missing persons?

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The Blair Witch Project was a fictional event. As the students did not exist, they are not now, nor were they ever really missing.
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What is the Blair Witch project?

The Blair Witch Project is a documentary of 3 teenagers. They went up into the Blair Woods to make a documentary for school about the Blair Witch legend. The movie is spposed

Was the Blair Witch Project real?

No, it was entirely fake, but had a very good advertising campaign that portrayed it as real. The story however was taken from the Bell Witch Haunting in Tennessee which has a

Is Blair witch project real?

No its FAKE and not at all scary it looks real the first time you watch it but if you watch it once more you will know its as fake as can be!

Is the Blair Witch still alive?

You could say she is still alive, if you believed in the story in the first place. You could also say that she never existed, so then no she is not alive. Or, you could sa

Where was the Blair witch project filmed?

Most of the movie was filmed in Seneca Creek State Park in Montgomery County, Maryland (from wikipedia). also, wikipedia says it was filmed in Black Hill, near burkittsville,

Did they find the witch from The Blair Witch Project?

The Blair Witch Project (1999) is 100% fictional. It's not real footage, nor is it based on a true story, although the filmmakers may have gotten the idea from the legend of

Is The Blair Witch Project gory?

No, there is very little bloodshed in this movie. The only part that's even remotely gory is the part where Heather unwraps the "package" that is left outside their tent. We o
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What is the Blair witch project house?

If you mean in the movie, then it is a haunted house in the woods... I don't know what woods, but it was where (in an urban legend) multiple campers were killed.
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What was the plot of The Blair Witch Project?

Teenagers hear of a tale where a which haunted the woods and decided to create a documentary of them staying for a period of time in this haunted place.