Are there Hindus in palestine?

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Yes. There aren't many but there are some.
(Technically that is wrong as right now Palestine doesn't exist but whatever.)
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Who is a Hindu?

A Hindu is someone who practices Hinduism. Hindu's are the people who follow the religion called Hinduism. Hinduism was founded in India many years ago. Sikhism is another religion that has been formed from Hinduism. There is no founder of Hindu religion. but there are many holy book that talk abo (MORE)

What is the capital of Palestine?

Al-Quds (Jerusalem) is the official capital of Palestine, but now as it is occupied by the Israeli army, the capital is not defined as the people of Palestine wish. When most Palestinians discuss Jerusalem as being the capital of Palestine, they are referring to what is commonly termed "East Jeru (MORE)

What is Palestine?

The confusion as concerns "Palestine" is that it refers to two separate things. Definition 1 The British Mandate of Palestine covered all areas between Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. It was a relatively small territory that was also bounded by the Mediterranean Sea in the northwest and has (MORE)

Where is Palestine?

There are three different definitions of Palestine: a country (therecognized Palestinian Authority or the unrecognized Arab dream toreplace Israel), a British Mandate (from 1922-1948), or a region.They are all generally in the same place although specific bordersmay differ. In all three, Palestine (MORE)

Who are Hindus?

Answer . Hindus are Indians that live life with Hinduism. Siddhartha Gautama was parically Hindu before becoming the Buddha, the Enlightened One!

Is Palestine a country?

This question is contentious and therefore has several answers. Answer 1 Palestine is a country that is not being recognized for the benefits of greater countries. Such is the situation of Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic. Answer 2 Answer 1 is wrong and is a political statement, not a stat (MORE)

Who is in charge of palestine?

The British Mandate of Palestine covered all of current day Israel (including the occupied territories) and Jordan, as well as parts of Syria. Currently however, the term Palestine refers to the Occupied Territories where Israel has put the Palestinians previously occupying what is now Israel. Th (MORE)

How old is Palestine?

The question that should be asked is "how old is the name Palestine ", otherwise it is devoid of meaning. Indeed, what is the question about? How old is the land itself, from a geological point of view? The land that came to be renamed Palestine is millions of years old, like most land mass on ea (MORE)

What was Palestine?

The confusion as concerns "Palestine" is that it refers to twoseparate things. Definition 1 The British Mandate of Palestine covered all areas between Egypt,Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. It was a relatively small territorythat was also bounded by the Mediterranean Sea in the northwest andhas access (MORE)

What is the flag of Palestine?

PALESTINE FACTS . The Meaning of the Flag . RED: . The Khawarij were the first Islamic group to emerge after the assassination of Caliph Uthman III, forming the first republican party in the early days of Islam. Their symbol was the red flag. Arab tribes who participated in the conquest of North (MORE)

When was Palestine first called Palestine?

The name "Palestine" is the cognate of an ancient word meaning "Philistines". The earliest known mention of the word was by Ancient Egyptian scribes, used to describe invaders from the Palestinian area during the reign of Pharaoh Ramesses III in the 12 th century BCE (BC).

What is the population of Palestine?

It really depends on what you mean by 'Palestine'? There is no country today called Palestine, but in the past there were various territories referred to as Palestine, though it was never a well-defined independent country. Many people refer to Palestine as the territory controlled by Britain after (MORE)

How old is Palestin?

The hotly contested country of Palestine used to be part of Israel.The country was originally declared independent in 1988. As of2014, the country is 26 years old.

How was Palestine created?

The question as worded is ambiguous since Palestine refers to several different things. 1) Land: The lands commonly referred to by the term "the Mandate of Palestine" came into existence (according to science) hundreds of millions of years (if not billions of years ago) from interactions betwee (MORE)

What is the history of palestine?

Answer 1 Palestine was originally the Jewish land, Judea. When the Romans conquered Judea 2,000 years ago, they re-named the land Palestine, which comes from the name of the Jews old enemies, the philistines. They did that to annoy the Jews, who already had suffered a lot from the Romans. Answe (MORE)

What is the area of Palestine?

The area of Palestine is 26990 square kilometers of which pre-1967Israel is 20,770 square kilometers, the Gaza Strip is 360 squarekilometers, and the West Bank is 5860 square kilometers. The total is a little smaller than Albania or Burundi or the USState of Massachusetts 5,655 km² | 2,402 mi (MORE)

What is the Palestine conflict about?

Which Palestinian conflict is the question referring to? Is it the Arab-Palestinian Conflict? -- which began in 1948, but became much more violent in the 1970s and 1980s, killing between 5,000-25,000 Palestinians depending on the estimates used. Is it the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict? -- which (MORE)

Does Palestine have a capital?

Palestinians claim East Jerusalem to be their capital, however, as Jerusalem is entirely in Israeli jurisdiction, this does not function as a de facto Palestinian capital. Historically, before 1967, Palestine did not have a capital. Currently Palestine is split between two separate factions. The (MORE)

What are the hindus?

Question is too vague. What are Hindus? -Followers of the religion Hinduism. What are they in terms of race? -They are mostly Indians because Hinduism as a religion was born in India.

What did Jews do in palestine?

Various Zionist organizations bought land from large Arab landowners, often absentee landlords living in other Arab countries.Israelis never sold land. They bought it, cleared it, drained,farmed it, and held it in trust for current and future settlers. Much Arab land was converted to Israeli proper (MORE)

Why was palestine divided?

Many factors come into this issue, I suppose, but it all started after the British mandate over Palestine was dissolved after WWII. Britain divided the land up because it had promised the entire country to both the Palestinians (in the Peel commission) and also to the Israelis (Balfour Agreement). (MORE)

Why was palestine created?

There are two definitions for Palestine, and the answer changesdepending on what definition you are using. The first way is torefer to the British Mandate of Palestine which includes the ModernState of Israel (except for the Golan Heights), the Gaza Strip, andthe West Bank. The second way is to refe (MORE)

Is Palestine a state?

Answer 1 Of course that depends on your definition of state. It does not have clearly defined borders, as Israel is constantly occupying/building settlements on more land that belongs/ed to Palestinian people. Neither does it really have a proper government. Hamas was democratically elected as the (MORE)

Are Palestine Muslims?

Palestinians are not all Muslims. Palestinians are consisting of Palestinian christian and Palestinian Muslims but the percentage of Palestinian Christian has greatly diminished since the Israeli occupation especially during the Deir Yassin Massacre of 1948. As the stories of Palestinian Christian i (MORE)

Is Palestine in Asia?

no it is not. Palestine is between middle east and north Africa so technically its in both but their not Asians or Africans their Arabs though some look as black as Africans and some look as white as Europeans mostly like Egypt mostly brown skinned the middle east is more separate than Asia or Afri (MORE)

Is there a war in Palestine?

There have been several wars in Palestine, such as the Gazan War of2008-2009 and the Gazan War of 2012. However, there is no currentwar in Palestine, just an Israeli military occupation.

Is Palestine evil?

No. No country or people is evil. Palestine and Palestinians are victims of violence and strife and have been attacked both by Israel and by their "fellow" Arabs. Each has placed them in occupation, deprived them of necessary materials, and stalls their chances for proper statehood.

Why is there war in Palestine?

There is a war because the land was originaly Palestine, but was split up after world war 2 to add Israel so that the Jews could have some of the holy land. The Isrealis attacked the Palestinian half of Jerusalem and other Palestinian states because they said the holy city could never be split.This (MORE)

Does it snow in Palestine?

Yeah it does snow in palestine but in certain areas. It snows in Jerusalem at least once every year or two years.

What is Syria-Palestine?

In Arabic, there is a term for the territory currently occupied by Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, and Jordan. It is called "Bilaad Sham" (بلاد شام) and usually translated as "Greater Syria" since Damascus was the most powerful city in Bilaad Sham. There is another name (with (MORE)

Is Israel in Palestine?

Yes and No. Palestine has two different definitions and Israel has two definitions. Palestine 1: All of the lands of the former British Mandate of Palestine. Palestine 2: All of the lands not under Israeli control in 1950 that serve as the basis for any current two-state proposal for the State (MORE)

What was the Palestine alphabet?

Palestinians write in Arabic or (less commonly) Hebrew and do this according to the same guidelines practiced elsewhere in the Arab World and Israel respectively. Therefore they use those alphabets. They have no alphabet of their own.

Who is the head of Palestine?

Palestine is currently two different de facto states. The first, and recognized one, is the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank. Its head is Mahmood Abbas. There is an unrecognized Palestinian State in the Gaza Strip ruled by Ismail Haniyeh.

Why is Palestine in war?

Answer 1 because it bombs Israel constantly for no reason Palestine brought war to themselves, its their fault there was awar. Answer 2 It depends on which Palestinian conflict the question is referringto. Is it the Arab-Palestinian Conflict? -- which began in 1948, butbecame much more violent (MORE)

Why are Hindus Hindus?

Hindus don't call themselves Hindus. They call themselves "Santana Dharma". The titles "Hindu" and "Hinduism", were first used by the Persians, because they were on the opposite side of the Indus river.

When did the Muslims get Palestine?

The Muslims first conquered Jerusalem and entered Palestine duringthe second Rightful Caliph Hazrat Omar (RAU) without bloodshed. The Muslims first conquered Palestine in the reign of the SecondRightful caliph Hazrat Omar Farooq (RAU) who assumed power on 23rdAugust,632 AD. Background; Allah Alm (MORE)

Is Nazareth in Palestine?

Nazareth is a majority-Palestinian city, but it is currently within the 1949 borders of the State of Israel.

Does Palestine have forests?

There are forests in the North of Israel that extend a little bit into the West Bank, but by and large, Palestine is farmable hill-country.

What is the name of Palestine?

Palestine is its own name. If you are referring to the current nations that occupy the space previously occupied by the British Mandate of Palestine, those nations would be Israel and Palestine.

Who can be a Hindu?

Everybody. Hinduism allows for all belief systems and the only thing that one has to do to be a Hindu is to call themselves a Hindu.

Are there bears in Palestine?

No species of Bear exist in Palestine today, The Syrian Brown Bear used to roam in historic Palestine, but are extinct in that area.

What was Palestine originally?

It depends on how far back you wish to go. The earliest archaeologydates settlements near the city of Haifa from 100,000 years ago. Itthen passed hands to early tribe, Proto-Canaanites, Canaanites,Israelites, Philistines, Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians,Persians, Macedonian Greeks, Egyptian Greeks (MORE)

What is the Palestine War?

Which Palestinian War is the question referring to? Is it one of the wars in the Arab-Palestinian Conflict? -- which began in 1948, but became much more violent in the 1970s and 1980s, killing between 5,000-25,000 Palestinians depending on the estimates used. Is it one of the wars in the Israe (MORE)

Are there Buddhists in Palestine?

Not very many. The territories where Palestinians live tend to be almost entirely Muslim. But there absolutely are Buddhists in the neighboring state of Israel, and you should be able to find a Buddhist house of worship there.

What was Ottoman Palestine?

The Ottoman Empire ruled the region of Palestine in three distinctprovinces: the Wilayat of Beirut in the north (which extends intomuch of Lebanon), the Mutasaffirat of Jerusalem (which is bunchedin the center), and the Wilayat of Damascus in the south (whichextends into modern Jordan and Syria. Th (MORE)