Are there an equal number of girl and boy babies born?

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On a world wide basis it is estimated that there are 107 boys born as compared with 100 girls. The current global sex ratio is 986 females to 1000 males
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Are both boys and girls available for adoption in equal numbers?

Adoption and Gender According to Families Thru International Adoption, in most countries, boys and girls are both available for adoption. In China more than 97% of the childr

How can you tell if your baby is a girl or boy?

The ultrasound technician will show you the baby during the ultrasound. You can see if it has a penis or not. The only way to know is if you go get an ultra sound. If you mean

Who do babys come from boys or girls?

The fact is that both play equal role in baby's birth. Neither boycan have a baby without a girl and nor girl can have a baby withoutboy. Even though in this modern era where
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How will you know if its baby boy or baby girl?

If you have access to an ultrasound scan, generally by about theend of the second trimester the fetus is developed enough thatdistinct genitalia can be identified via ultrasou