Are there any Easter Eggs on The Simpsons?

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The amount Maggie scans on the register, $847.63, is or was the average cost to raise a child per month.
All the McBain clips if played in order form a coherent movie.
"A113" has appeared a number of times in the series. That being the room number at the California Institute of the Arts.
Krusty & Homer's character models are almost identical because it was Matt's original idea to have Krusty be homer in disguise.
Waldo from "Where's Waldo" appears in Ned's fallout bunker.
Matt Groening appears as the courtroom artist drawing Mayor Quimby's nephew Freddy.
There are more, all you have to do is find the nearest search engine and search the keywords, "Simpsons Easter Eggs"

Why do you have Easter eggs at Easter?

Very simply, Christians have eggs at Easter because pagans used to celebrate the coming of spring with eggs (which were a sign of new life and rebirth). When Christianity spre

Any ideas for easter egg hunt clues?

if its for young children like 3-6 yr olds then put them in obvious places (if the kids are 5-6 then make it a little harder. 7-10yr olds = Harder. 13+ = HARDER TO FIND PLAC

Why are Easter eggs important at Easter?

It's a celebration of new life during the Spring Equinox which means, whoops, it's a "pagan" tradition (to use the term "pagan" quite loosely).  My guess is that Christianity

Are there any Easter eggs in Google Earth?

Easter eggs (e.g., hidden features or messages) continue to befound in Google Earth. Flight simulator, for example, was one such "Easter egg" introducedin Google Earth versio

Why are Easter eggs associated with Easter?

Rabbits and eggs are pagan fertility symbols of extreme antiquity.. Birds lay eggs and rabbits give birth to large litters in the early spring these became symbols of the ris

What does the Easter bunny have to do with Easter and the egg?

It has nothing to do with Christianity. The legend has it that there was a beautiful bird who loved the goddess Isis. Each year on the spring equinox would come and lay her co

Why do Easter eggs represent Easter?

it represents new life like when Mary went to go see Jesus he was gone and everyone believed he was then a spirit so it represents new life

Is there any naughty bear Easter eggs?

yes in vampire level in golden edition in the water there will be a big sculpture of a uniebear then look to right and the a real body of a unibear

Are there any Easter eggs in camp rock 2?

Yes, I have found ONE. The part where Nick enters the classroom he will teach, he is in the position and the background is the same as the cover of the disc "Born in the USA"

Are there any Easter eggs in YouTube?

Yes. I only found one so far but at least it's something. If you pause the video and press the arrow keys, you could play this snake game. The arrow keys are the controls and