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Are there any books on animals in Mexico?

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Of course there are many books on animals in Mexico. Just like here in the United States.
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What are some plants and animals in Mexico?

ANSWER Plants:Orchids, Cactus, Chrysanthemums, and poinsettias. Animals: The cool north mountains has large mammals such as wolves, bears, coyotes, foxes, and deers. T

What animal is on the Mexico flag?

It's a Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) known as Aguila  Real (Royal Eagle) in Mexico. And a diamond back rattle  snake.United States expanded its territory westward to stre

What animals are raised in New Mexico?

  As with all farming across the United States basic animal husbandry is practiced. Common are: Cows both beef and dairy Swine Poultry Horses

What is a common animal in Mexico?

  Some common animals particular to Mexico are:   * Dog  * Coyote  * Mexican Grey Wolf  * Burro  * Horses  * Fox  * Deer  * Puma  * Jaguars  * Cougars  * Oc

Native animals in New Mexico?

Native animals of New Mexico just to name a few: Beaver Black bear Bobcat Coyote Elk Gray Fox Gray Wolf Lizards Mountain Lion New Mexico Cutthroat Trout Roadrunner Raccoon Sk

What are the farm animals in Mexico?

most common animals are, Cows, Chicken, Goats, and Pigs.

What are the native animals to Mexico?

Mexico has a lot of native animals. Mexican grey wolfocelotlizardssea birdsDonkeysBearsPumaJaguars

What animals are common in New Mexico?

Some common animals are prairie dogs, snakes, lizards, and other things.
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What are some desert animals in Mexico?

sidewinder rattlesnake scorpions,snakes,rabbits,and many more.....

What is the official animal of Mexico?

The national animal of Mexico is the bald eagle. This is based on the ancient Aztec leagend where the Aztec people would find the promise land if they were to find the place w
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What kind of animals can be found in Mexico?

Mexico is considered a "mega-diverse" country. As such, it formspart of a select group of nations that possess the greatest numberand diversity of animals and plants, being ho

How many dangerous animals are there in Mexico?

Dangerous animals of mexico   1. American crocodile   They are not man-eaters and usually do not attack people. But they  may if needed.    2. Boa constrictor