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Are there any health benefits from swallowing semen?

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Swallowing semen MIGHT help with weight reduction !!! Don't believe the sites that say it WILL.

The proteins contained in semen, while slight, seem to help boost a woman's metabolism slightly. Kind of a jump start to a weight loss plan but not actually the golden plan.

Heck, if all it took to drop a few pounds was to swallow your husband's semen, lots of us wives would be model thin!

All it would take is swallowing more drops. Scientists at Aston University in Birmingham found that zinc alpha 2 glycoprotein (ZAG), when swallowed enough initiates a process called "CACHEXIA" that melts excess fat!

Recently Guinness Book Of Records, World's Heaviest Woman, Pauline Potter, lost her crown and 100lbs by SEMEN, up to seven loads per day, through marathon sex.
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Why do you swallow semen?

There are many different reason to swallow semen, some people do it cause they like to, while other just want to see what it taste like and so on. Some people, who are very "

Is there effect in my wife's health if she swallow my semen?

There is nothing in the semen of a healthy man that can have a bad effect on the swallower s health. Swallowing has some great health benefits for you. Women who want to ge

Can you 'swallow' semen?

Yes. It is not dangerous to health. If your man is healthy, then it is good for your health. Men have the basic need to be "accepted" by you. His semen is him, at least it'

How do you 'swallow' semen?

Simple steps, first find a man and make good and sure he is healthy! Second step is he has to ejaculate. If he does it alone, it's masturbation (he wraps his hand around his p

What are health benefit for women who consume semen?

swallowing semen exposes the female to male antigens ...so she has [theoretically] less chance of having PIH ie pregnancy induced hypertension also she gets some nutrition .

What are health benefits of semen?

Semen is full of good things for your health: Ascorbic acid (vitamin C, for tissue maintenance) Ammonia (natural disinfectant) Ash (neutral base) Blood-group antigens
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What are the health benefits of semen ingestion or getting it on the skin?

Answer   A tablespoon of semen contains approximately six calories. Semen does contain protein, but it also contains all kinds of chemicals and minerals, including water,
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What are the benefits of swallowing semen?

The only benefit is to give your boyfriend pleasure. Nothing else. Their is no health benefit or any other benefits. Men have the basic need to be "accepted" by you. His seme