Are there any health benefits from swallowing semen?

Are there any health benefits from swallowing semen?
Swallowing semen MIGHT help with weight reduction !!! Don't believe the sites that say it WILL.

The proteins contained in semen, while slight, seem to help boost a woman's metabolism slightly. Kind of a jump start to a weight loss plan but not actually the golden plan.

Heck, if all it took to drop a few pounds was to swallow your husband's semen, lots of us wives would be model thin!

All it would take is swallowing more drops. Scientists at Aston University in Birmingham found that zinc alpha 2 glycoprotein (ZAG), when swallowed enough initiates a process called "CACHEXIA" that melts excess fat!

Recently Guinness Book Of Records, World's Heaviest Woman, Pauline Potter, lost her crown and 100lbs by SEMEN, up to seven loads per day, through marathon sex.
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Can Muslim swallow semen?

Answer 1 (Shia view) No, eating it is Haram (prohibited) in Shia Islam based on explicit sayings of Ahl ul Bayt.Answer 2 (Sunni View)Although nothing mentioned explicitly on t (MORE)

What nutrients can you get when you swallow your own semen?

ascorbic acid (vitamin C, for tissue maintenance) blood-group antigens (from immune system) calcium (mineral) chlorine (oxidizing agent) cholesterol (steroid alcohol prese (MORE)

Is it safe to swallow your own semen?

Yes. Your own semen is not a risk to you, unless it has been inside another person which will pose an STD risk. It is clean and nutritious, many people will just feel squeami (MORE)

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Does drinking semen causes any health problems for woman?

No, not to my knowledge unless the man has an STD such as HPV or AIDS, then yes, it will probally cause health problems for a woman. But the upsides of it are that thre are tr (MORE)

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