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Are there any new features released recently for Google calendar?

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Yes there are new features, which you can find on from the main website. The new features including calendars that you can sync with your phone, there's a reminder and many more features
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How to code a calendar like Google Calendar but offline?

You can download printable calendar in any office format from calendarlabs.com, then fill the cell with details. Other option will be download a iCal calendar from same site,

How do I do synchronize Windows Live calendar with Google calendar?

It really isn't that tough: 1. Go to your Windows Live calendar and select the "Share" button 2. Select the calendar you want to share 3. Select "Share this calendar" at the t

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How to set daily reminders in google calendar?

  Customize your notifications   Google Calendar offers different options for receiving event reminders. You can choose to receive your event reminders via SMS message

Is Google Heart a feature of Google Earth?

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