Are there any pictures of Vanna Bonta that show she has a navel?

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No. Every photo of Vanna Bonta has the navel covered up.
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What is a navel?

A navel is the area around the "belly button" otherwise known as the "umbilical knot". When people refer to a "belly button" piercing they are actually referring to a "navel" piercing.

What game show is hosted by Pat Sajak and Vanna White?

They have hosted the nighttime version of Wheel of Fortune since the show started on September 19 1983. They also both hosted the daytime show together before the nighttime show started and for many years they were on both the daytime and nightime shows until Pat Sajak left the daytime show in 1989. (MORE)

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How many times does Vanna White clap each show?

Vanna White holds the Guinness book of wold records as television's most frequent clapper. Her bio on Wheel of says she claps an average of 720 claps per episode. I believe that may be in error and they meant a week's taping because they also say it is 28,000 per season and they show tap (MORE)

What is the navel?

The navel is the scar left behind from the umbilicus. While a fetus is growing within the womb, it is connected to the placenta by a cord called the umbilicus. At birth, this cord is cut and tied off. Within two weeks it drys and drops away. The scar that is left behind is the navel or belly button. (MORE)

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Was there any affiliation between Vanna White and Wayne Newton?

You mean does she like his singing. She is not out dating him and they are not in business together. What made you think they were involved in any way. They did date when she was Miss South Carolina or some beauty pagent winner. Also after she was on Wheel of fortune. He slept so many woman he doesn (MORE)

Why is Channel 2 not showing any programs only a pink screen no picture?

This is just a guess, so please don't hold me to it. I've seen similar circumstances like you describe, though honestly never a "pink" screen. The cause (in the cases I've seen) is the device responsible for generating the Channel 3 output, which has very poor filtering and therefore is inadve (MORE)

Are there any veins to worry about in the navel piercing area?

Yes there are, but that is why body piercing is to be done by a professional body piercer working in a licensed and inspected facility. Professionals are trained to look, and observe anything that may cause and issue for the client and the piercing. Leave it to a professional.

Why has the show started to show Vanna White's cleavage?

If you think that they have started something, maybe you just forgot that all the shows are reruns during the summer. And before you come out with well then they are just choosing those shows they are picking a whole week's worth and not just single shows. Vanna has always had cleavage and for the d (MORE)

Are they any pictures I can show myclass of DC?

Assuming you mean Washington, D.C. in the United States, then yes there are. You could do a simple Google Image search at for "Washington DC," and use those pictures. You could email them to you teacher and then (s)he could show the class.

Has anyone else done the Wheel of Fortune show except Vanna White?

No Vanna White and Pat Sajak have been the only Host and Hostess of the nighttime syndicated Wheel of Fortune. The only exception was when Pat Sajak and Vanna White were contestants for an April Fool's day 1997 Episode. Lesley Brown Sajak turned the letters while Alex Trebek was host. On the origi (MORE)

Where do Vanna White's dresses go after the show?

Most of the dresses Vanna White wears on the show go back to the designers. They're typically sample sizes that other models can then wear on the runway to show off the designer's line of clothing according to an answer by Vanna of FAQ at the Wheel of Fortune site. She goes on to say "Occasionally I (MORE)

What other shows has Vanna White appeared on?

The King of Queens 2001, Rosie O'Donnell 1999, LA Law 1990, Flintstones 1986, Just Shoot Me 2000, Wayne Brady Show 2003, Full House 1994, 227 1986, The A-Team 1986, Gimme a Break 1984 are all listed in Famous Why. The only show I remember is Married with Children and the Price is Right is said to be (MORE)

Can you show any picture regarding ozone layer?

The ozone cycle is illustrated here: The 2006 Antarctic hole is in this image:

How many times did Vanna White walk back and fourth in a show?

I guess that would clearly depend on the puzzles answered and the letters called. The puzzle sizes vary and many times the contestant will solve the puzzle before many letters are exposed and Vanna Would then only need to expose all the letters at the same time instead of making a trip for each lett (MORE)

What is the name of the NASA spaceship to Mars that has a Vanna Bonta poem on board?

MAVEN is the name of the NASA spaceship carrying haiku and art to Mars. MAVEN stands for M ars A tmosphere and V olatile E volutio N . The MAVEN mission launched from Cape Canaveral on November 18, 2013, carrying selected art and haiku entries. It's ETA is September 2014. MAVEN will orb (MORE)

Why does the Church of Scientology slander Vanna Bonta on their hate and Fair Game sites?

The Scientology organization makes those sites to discredit peoplethey fear. They claim Bonta communicated with Tom Cruise's formercounselor, who left the Organization. Although no known ties existbetwen Vanna Bonta and atheir enemies, the Scientology Office ofSpecial Affairs (see Wikipedia "Fair Ga (MORE)

What is the genetic ancestry of Vanna Bonta?

Vanna Bonta is of Dutch and Italian ancestry. Vanna Bonta's fatherand her paternal ancestors were among the first US settlers of NewAmsterdam (now Manhattan); they came from Friesland, part of theancient, larger region of Frisia , a Dutch province in thenorth of the Netherlands. Her family tree on (MORE)

What is the name of the NASA spaceship going to Mars that has poetry on it including a Vanna Bonta haiku?

The name of the spacecraft is MAVEN. MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere andVolatile EvolutioN) was launched from Cape Canaveral on November18, 2013. MAVEN's mission is to study the upper atmosphere of Marsto help explain how Mars' climate changed over time, causing it tolose oceans and rivers. The MAVEN spacecr (MORE)