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Are there any websites like Facebook for under 13's?

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Definitely! See the links below:

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  • yes there is or bebo
  • The is a website called The Homework Factory that is kind of like facebook but also focuses on the kids' studies. It has a lot of Facebook features but also things like a forum where kids can get help and also some stuff they can read if they want to.
  • Facebook if you set the privacy settings is safe for kids, but if you are not allowed, you could go to facebook for kids.
  • Facebook sites are not safe for children under 13!
  • well this is a website i used since fifth grade but it not like facebook its actually like myspace its called shoutlife its a christian myspace where you cant curse nor can you put inappropriate pictures up there or you will be banned so yeah i loved it but eventually grew tired of it
  • you can try neopets or powerpets or something
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Is it illegal to join Facebook if you are under 13?

It's not "illegal," in the sense that it is not a criminal/civil offense for a person under 13 year old to join, however it is advised by Facebook. The Terms of Service state

Websites like Facebook and MySpace? really it is just like facebook You may also try Its like wikianswers, youtube, facebook and myspace put together.

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Is there a website like Facebook for kids?

Yes, there is a website like Facebook, but for kids, and it is called FBFkids. If you're polish, there's Nasza Klasa and Jakijest. There's piczo. Yes! There are a few, Th

Is it illegal to have a Facebook account if you are under 13?

Facebook cannot offer accounts to those under the age of 13 without parental consent. However, as long as Facebook is told that the user has permission, Facebook can offer the

Is there a Facebook for kids under 13?

Yes there is a facebook for kids under 13 years old. The facebook for kids is FBFK (facebook for kids) which is made so kids under 13 can still have facebook. Just remember no

Is it illegal to have a facebook if you are under 13?

Yes due to the Child Online Protection Act of 1998. Additional Info: Although the above answer is technically correct and COPPA does apply, the burden is on the website op