Are there baby ghosts?

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Can babies see ghosts?

If you believe that there are ghosts then there's no reason for suspecting that babies do not see them. On the other hand as I don't believe that there are such beings as ghos

How do you get a ghost baby on the sims 3?

Visit the graveyard around 4:00am every night for a few nights and talk to one of the GHOSTS. Build up a strong relationship with the ghost and invite them over. Once they are

What does a baby ghost wear on Halloween?

In the likelihood that ghosts exist, they generally wouldn't wear anything new -- they are physically transparent and cannot wear new apparel or accessories.

Why do babies see ghost?

You wouldn't know if they could see ghosts or not, because they cannot talk, & by the time they are older, they usually have very little memory of what when on when they were

How do you have the ghost baby on sims 3?

you have to get a high enough relationship with a ghost the ghost is in the graveyard but you have to leave to go there at 12:00 midnight if you hear scary music look around t
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Can dogs and babies see ghosts?

There can not be a definite answer to this, because there is not a definite answer to ghosts. Some people firmly believe in them, and others firmly believe there is no such th
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What does it mean if you dream a about a baby ghost baby?

It is not possible to guess at an interpretation with so little information about the dream itself and the accompanying emotions. A terrified dream of dead babies behaving lik