Are there bayous in Louisiana?

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The state of Louisiana is full of bayous. A bayou is a body of water that can be a slow moving river or stream. they are most commonly found in very low lying areas and usually contain brackish water. Some well know bayous in Louisiana include Cypress Bayou, Buffalo Bayou, Bayou Bartholomew, and Bayou La Batre.
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What kind animals live in the Louisiana bayou?

So far I have found: Deer, mosquito, slugs, crayfish, grackle, turtles, crane, alligator, snakes, anole, bat, bullfrog, crab, shrimp, raccoon, heron, grasshopper, bobcat, opos
In Louisiana

Why is Louisiana the bayou state?

because its was mostly water and became home to many creatures but now has little ponds and lakes aka the bayou state