Are there cheerleaders in soccer?

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no, unless you count the fans! you might be confusing soccer with football, because that is what it is called in England. But if you are talking about plain old American soccer, then no there is not.

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No, but if you GoogleImage Soccer Cheerleaders, you'll get some nice results! Also, did about twelve videos with some of their models doing soccer.*wink*
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What is soccer about?

Soccer is about determination, hard work, strength and teamwork. It's not about winning and losing, it's about the passion you have and show for it!

Why is there cheerleading?

Well, depends on the type of cheerleading it is. If it is competition cheerleading (Allstar) then you JUST go to competitions. Then sideline cheerleading is when cheerleaders cheer on the sidelines at a sports event. even though we do not always need cheerleaders, cheerleading is fun. Answer I am (MORE)

What is cheerleading?

Cheerleading is a sport, that requires great physical strength and dexterity. Cheerleaders not olny cheer for their team, but also perform jumps, stunts (lifts), and tumbling (gymnastics). There are three types of cheerleading: School Cheerleading/ College Cheerleading- Athletes must try out for t (MORE)

How do you be a cheerleader?

First of all you need to join a cheerleading squad in your local area,college or school. if you live in the usa then you will find you can join a cheerleading sqaud at your school and local area. if you live in the UK then you might not be able to find cheerleading at school. once you have joined th (MORE)

What is a cheerleader?

Contrasting to popular belief, cheerleaders are NOT girls who shakepom poms and yell "go team go!" They are athletes who work as hardor harder than other sports and are very talented. They stunt,tumble, jump, and prove themselves in the two minutes and 30seconds of the routine. Compeitive cheer or A (MORE)

How do you do cheerleading?

There are several ways to do cheerleading. one is to stand on the side lines of a sport ( football and basketball are the most popular) and cheer on your team. You are there to support the team and help them win, You also get the crowd involved. With more Crowd participation it will help lead your t (MORE)

How can you be cheerleader?

put a smile on your face no matter what if ur mad or sad so what smile put your whole heart oyt there there is a word in cheerLEADER and that's LEADER you have got to be leading your school to success just because your a cheerleader it doesn't mean you can treat other people wrong or that your popul (MORE)

Where can you do cheerleading?

you can try out for your middle school, high school, or college team, or in your area you can search for an all star team, or rec team. they are EVERYWHERE. google it :). _______________________________________________________________________________________ . REMEMBER: . all star cheerleading is (MORE)

What is there cheerleading for?

usually for supporting your school or a sports team. Also, there's All Star cheerleading, in which you learn a 2 and a half minute routine of jumps, stunts, and tumbling. You then preform your routine at one of the many competitions your team can sign up for.

What to do in soccer?

the main idea is to get the ball into your apponents goal. doing so will give your team a point. once you have gotten the basics you are ready to learn how to jook out the other players. good luck.

What do cheerleaders do?

well, you dance, cheer, show spirit, tumble, and build(stunt) most cheerleaders take gymnastics for years to get their backhandsprings. and you cheer for 2 seasons(well, at my school you do)-basketball and football. we practice 3 times a week, and during the summer we go to cheer camp and we compete (MORE)

How do you get in to cheerleading?

You have to try out to make a school team. A good place to start is an All-Star gym because no matter your skill level they have a place for you. Find a gym in your area and check them out

What is the cheerleading captains roll in cheerleading?

The role of a captain is different for each individual squad. It is always best to talk to your coach about what exactly will be your responsibilities as a captain. In general, a captain will be a communication link between a coach and their team. For instance, if the coach needs to remind the team (MORE)

What are cheerleaders?

I don't agree with what the person wrote before this said. A cheerleader is a person who gets a crowd exicted!! They are simply girls or boys who are doing a sport with cheering. It may involve lifts, tumbling, chants/cheers, and othe things. To be a cheerleader you need to be physiaclly fit!! I am (MORE)

Cheerleaders and Soccer?

There is nothing preventing it, but it would not be very successful. Soccer, unlike other sports, is a flowing and continuous game. Positioning has chess-match qualities that require a spectator to constantly be watching to see a play develop. Seeing a goal scored is just the culmination of a serie (MORE)

What is soccer?

A game is overseen by a referee who has the right to enforce the rules of the games. The primary rule is that all players other than the goal keeper are not allowed to handle the ball with their hands or arms during play. Although most players usually use their feet to move the ball around, player (MORE)

What do you do at cheerleading?

It depends on what kind of cheerleader you are: School: . Attend football/basketball games . Learn cheers and motions . Some stunts . Some tumbling . Attend Pep Rallies . Some schools compete All-Star . Go to a gym to practice . Work on tumbling . Learn and Practice routine . Str (MORE)

How do you be a cheerleading?

you need to work out as much possible. Be a good flier or base. no be scared of hights and trust alot. remember to work on: your jumps your back handspring stunting you need to work out as much possible. Be a good flier or base. no be scared of hights and trust alot. remember to work on (MORE)

Is cheerleading more dangerous than soccer?

Totally. Cheerleading causes way More issues. Soccer causes only SOME ISSUES. However, Cheerleading, Flyers are thrown up in the air. CHEERLEADING IS WAY MORE DANGEROUS! i think that they are both very dangerous sports. no need to say one is more dangerous then the other. both have very big r (MORE)

Why are there cheerleaders?

to get the crowd in into the game and spirit - - - & bringing support from everyone to make each and every player want to do their best as a team and not just as an individual. ----- This is cheerleaderkn and i am a cheerleader and so i know that we cheer because if the team is down because the (MORE)

Why do you do cheerleading?

Because cheerleading is a great sport to get physically fit and energized in. Although many people believe that cheerleading only excite a crowd that's not true. In the sport a team will go to competitions to compete against other teams for the victory. They are judged on things like tumbling skills (MORE)

Why do cheerleaders want to become cheerleaders?

I am a cheerleader and I joined because I wanted to say at school that I am a cheerleader and I also liked the makeup and all the routines but mostly it was a great idea to join with a friend and I joined with my friend. Most people do it to show that they do a after school activity and they like to (MORE)

Is cheerleading better than soccer?

Yes, it means on your own personal preference and opinion. I'm a huge soccer person, so obviously I would choose soccer. If you like running, giving strength, ball ability and contact, then choose soccer. But if you like to dance, use your voice, use pom poms, and if you're flexible and dedicated, t (MORE)

What is harder soccer or cheerleading?

Cheerleading and Soccer are both very difficult sports. They both require a lot of stamina and skill. Cheerleading is more extreme and dangerous than soccer. But, there is no true way to determine if a sport is "harder" than another

What are details about cheerleading?

Well you need to be fit exspecially if you are doing it competivally. But cheerleading consists of tumbling,stunting,dancing,saying cheers, And working together!!")

What physics does cheerleading have?

One example of physics in cheerleading is the risks that are posed by tall human pyramids. The risk of injury from falling is highest for the people at the top of the pyramid because if they fall, gravity will be acting for a longer time on them on the way down, and thus they will be traveling faste (MORE)

Why was cheerleading needed?

Cheerleading is not needed, neither is football or any other sport. People do sports for pleasure and entertainment.

Why DO boys do cheerleading?

because they feel like it! its not just girls Maddy_lilyxx: Also some boys may do it because their local teeam is needing extra strenght, boys useually have more upperbody strength and therefore will greatly assist in the team. Its not bad to have guy cheerleaders; I had a guy cheerleader one (MORE)

How has cheerleading developed?

Cheerleading has gone from a mostly male college sport primarily for crown hype, to a serious competitive, tumbling, stunting sport

How did they invent cheerleading?

You may be surprised, but men actually started cheerleading. They would stand in front of the stands and lead cheers to support their team. For example, "DEFENSE! *clap, clap* DEFENSE! *clap, clap*"

Do grandmas cheerlead?

yes no most deffenetly NOT ! but there are some older ones so maybe if your gramda is younger than most grannies ....

How many cheerleaders have died from cheerleading?

Between 1982 and 2007 there were 103 fatal, disabling or serious injuries recorded among female high school athletes. The vast majority of those (67) occurred in cheerleading, followed by nine in gymnastics and seven in track. During that same period, there were 39 such injuries among female college (MORE)

Who partcipates in cheerleading?

It depends on what type of cheer. Competitive Cheer: Tumble people and people who like to participate in competitive sports. School Cheer: People who like spirit and like to wow the crowd and do pep stuff. Anyone can really do cheer, you just have to stay comited.

What do you have to do to be in soccer?

if you want to play soccer in a rec league you need to just sign up on sign up day at the field sign up building if you want to play in academy or select you will sign up and try out to see what team you are put on. The difference between rec and select is that you have to pay alot more for select / (MORE)

What makes a cheerleader a cheerleader?

It is determination. You cant just whip it out and automatically be good. It takes practice and lots. As a cheerleader myself, I didn't just be the perfect cheerleader over night it took a lot of hard work and time.

Where was soccer from?

Historic artifacts and enduring traditions make it clear thatfootball has been played in Egypt, Ancient China, and Rome. Thegame's basic principles survived through the years and went on tobe played during the medieval times.