Are there geckos in Ontario?

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Yes there is at least one breed of gecko in Ontario it is red and white they have been found on cliff sides in northern Ontario
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Where is Ontario?

In Canada, bordered by the United States, as well as the provinces of Quebec and Manitoba. Eastern Canada

What is a Gecko?

A gecko is a type of lizard, which are reptiles. These animals areusually equipped with claws or sticky pads on their feet andusually eat a variety of insects. They can be 1" - 14" in lengthand some species can reach over 300 grams in weight.

Can geckos live with other geckos.?

The answer is no. Animals of different regions, habitats and Eco systems cannot sustain life with another animals of different likes. A leopard gecko from the deserts of Afghanistan with temperatures reaching in the low 100'sF cannot live with a crested gecko from the rain forests of New Caledonia w (MORE)

What is the symbolism of a gecko?

There is common lore about the gecko, Latin spelling gekko, that involve luck, regrowth and life in general. Some cultures, like the Polynesians, saw the gecko with fear and awe. They believed that if the gecko "laughed" at you, the bobbing motion associated with this lizard, then it was a bad ome (MORE)

How do geckos breathe?

Geckos breathe through there noses. I don't know if they are actually able to breathe through their mouths, but I have 2 leopard geckos and they're mouths are always closed even though they're able to open them (to eat, drink, yawn, etc.). But I'm assuming that just like almost every reptile, geckos (MORE)

Can a gecko get high?

Are they capable ? Yes but no pet or animal should be introduced toanything outside of their natural environment let alone forced todo so. This can be considered animal cruelty.

How do geckos live?

hi im Annie and i have a gecko so this is what i did You need to feed your gecko insects like crickets, locusts, mealworms or you can feed it pinky mice(dead baby mice). you need a heat mat or something to heat up the tank and the tank has to be fairly big because my gecko loves to explore her tank (MORE)

All about geckos?

It really depends on the species of gecko. Like leopard geckos don't have pads on the bottom of their feet that allows them to walk on walls or ceilings but house geckos do. Be more specific to get a better answer.

Where can you get leopard geckos?

Do not go to petstores. Please go to your local breeder but make sure they are well edicated about these animals. If they are not, leopard geckos may be sick or injured or mal nurished. If you can't find a breeder, as a last resort, go to a petstore. Don't pick out of if its pretty or ugly. Pick out (MORE)

How do you train a gecko?

A gecko is not a domesticated pet. They do not retaininformation like a cat or dog. Although, they are capable oflearning routine. This includes: Feeding schedule, mistingschedule, lighting schedule. . In my experiences, geckos do have the ability to distinguishtheir owner/ keeper from others. They (MORE)

Are geckos slimy?

No geckos are not slimy. They are llizards and live on land. Most criters that have a slimy covering live in the water and need it for protection. no they are not slimy, they are scaly like a normal lizard

What do geckos do?

Geckos are reptiles and reptile species are exothermic. Most reptiles will spend their days staying warm and hunting for prey items/ scavenging for fruits and saps. Reptiles have a very slow metabolism and require heat to encourage the digestive system to speed up. Most geckos will consume a very la (MORE)

Do gecko get along with lepeard geckos?

most of the time female leopard geckos get along with other female leopard geckos and male geckos. bu 2 male geckos will fight possibly leading to death of the smaller one.

Do gecko get along with other geckos?


Why are geckos called geckos?

The name comes from the small tropical and subtropical lizards of the family Gekkonidae, having toes padded with setae containing numerous suction cups that enable them to climb on vertical surfaces. I live in Vietnam surrounded by Geckos. The name comes from the sound large Geckos make, which sound (MORE)

What kind of gecko is the geico gecko?

the geico gecko is a species phesulma (day geckos). He is a giant madagascar day gecko Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis. A species native to Madagascar, being the largest species of the day gecko, and due to this little green fella we see on commercials, they are one of the most well known day geck (MORE)

What type of gecko is the geicko gecko?

A well spoken, although, slightly Australian, green gecko with a wonderful sense of humor.. I meant what species, although I guess you just proved that you're so bored and have nothing to do that what you find fun is keeping people from getting answers they're truly intrested in. Although I was jus (MORE)

Can a gecko live with another gecko?

I don't know if different types of gecko can live together, but you definitely can house more than one gecko together. But, you have to be careful-What sex they are is very important. You cannot house males together-They will fight to the death. You can house a male and a female together, but they (MORE)

Where is the gecko from?

Geckos range from a warm - hot climate & humid - dry. They come from every continent in the world, except for Antarctica.

What is the taxonomy of a gecko?

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Reptilia Order: Squadata Suborder: Scleroglossa infraorder: Gekkota Beyond that, it depends on the species

What geckos can live with crested geckos?

\n \nCrested geckos are able, though not always willing, to adapt with gargoyle geckos. Though these two species are native to the same region, they are not found on the same islands within Caledonia. The gargoyle geckos are a much more territorial and aggressive species. They are also more robust a (MORE)

What is the gecko known for?

The Gecko is known for lots of things. It is a popular pet and it has an amazing ability to stick to ceilings because of the sticky skin between it's toes.

Can you eat geckos?

In some areas of the world geckos are eating on a daily basis. Areas in Asia are well known for eating tokay geckos, believing that it will cure AIDS/HIV. Other areas in Asia believe that it can be used as an aphrodisiac

Can a gecko talk?

Geckos do not have the ability to speak, although they do have the ability to vocalize to one another.

Are geckos colorblind?

Nocturnal colour vision in geckos Lina S. V. Roth and Almut Kelber University of Lund, Department of Cell and Organism Biology, Vision Group, Helgonava├é┬Ęgen 3, S-223 62 Lund, Sweden Author for correspondence Our results show that nocturnal geckos are able to dis- criminate colours in v (MORE)

What geckos relate to the leopard gecko?

From experience of keeping leopard geckos i have found that the African fat-tailed gecko is the most related, actually you can keep these to lizards together and they will be fine

What will eat geckos?

Geckos do not have a hard exterior skeleton or a shell for protection. Nor can these animals change color, their only defence is their speed. Most geckos move very slow to ensure a predator does not see them. If spotted they could be eaten by: Mammals, other reptiles, birds of prey, snakes, large (MORE)

What is an fact about geckos?

Gecko feet have such fine hairs and layers of pads on their feet that they can walk on vertical or even upside down sheets of glass .

What adaptations do Geckos have?

Geckos are equipped with many different features, each a little bitdifferent in order to adapt to their environment. Depending on thegecko specie will determine the animals natural habitat and range.Geckos such as the leopard gecko are native to dry, arid, desertclimates and have multiple adaptation (MORE)

Are geckos vicious?

there are types that are less "tame" than others, but normally you can tame them. The first 3 weeks of having any reptile don't take it out of their tank or clean the tank. only mess with the tank when feeding and giving water to. After that slowly let it get used to you. I have tamed my leo and she (MORE)

What nationality are gecko?

Geckos are found in every continent on earth except for antartica. Geckos can thrive in almost any environment that is warm.

Do geckos have eyelids?

Some do but alot of them don't. Some like the leopard geckos, fat tail geckos, cat geckos, and more do have eyelids. Crested geckos, tokay geckos, banana geckos, and more do not have eyelids. The ones that don't have eyelids lick their eyes to keep them moist and clean. no, they have a sort of outer (MORE)

What is gecko tape?

Gecko tape is an experimental material that was developed in 2003 by an international team of scientists from the United Kingdom and Russia. It is a tape that has a surface covered with nanoscopic hairs intended to maximize surface area. Gecko tape hasn't been perfected yet, but when it is, it will (MORE)

Can geckos kill?

Yes of course, if it is a cricket spider pinky(baby mouse) weaker gecko ( if both are males) and a tokay gecko definitely!

How do you handle a gecko?

make sure that it has a clean environment. Also you should have some type of vitamins to go with their food. If their tail gets fat, that is a good sign. It is a sign telling you that your gecko is getting all of the vitamins and protein it needs and, is healthy.

What type gecko is the best gecko?

That's sort of a question like "What is your favourite food?" You will receive answers ranging from the eublepharis to the rhacdactylus. To a reptile/gecko enthousiaste as myself, there really is no Best. Myself, I've been working with: Fat tail gecko or Hemitheconyx caudicinctus Malaysian go (MORE)

What do geckos do the most?

Geckos are like people. They each have their own personality. Some run and jump and climb on everything, some are lazy and sleep all the time, some sit and look through the glass at everything else that's going on, and some constantly hunt for and chase crickets. Some even try 24/7 to escape their c (MORE)

What is a geckos defence?

geckos have the ability alter their color in a minor way under stress this would be considered a defense

What to do if a gecko hisses at you?

do not continue to approach it or try to pick it up. Geckos have the ability to vocalize for multiple purposes, felling threatened is one of which.

Are gecko leashes okay for geckos?

Yes. As long as you don't make it too tight on your gecko. Don't leave it on him/she for too long. (For more information, look up How do you make a leopard gecko leash)

Can geckos say gecko?

no because their an animal and we all know that animals don't speak! Animals cannot speak; the closest thing would be imitation , like parrots that mimic sounds they hear and reproduce them without really knowing what they are saying. Ultimately, geckos cannot say "gecko".

What does Ontario have?

As a word, when spelled correctly, Ontario has two "O's", one "N", one "T", one "A", one "R", and one "I".

What geckos can live with flying geckos?

Animals of the same natural habbitat may co exist with one another. If another species is coming from the same regions as the flying gecko they can be housed together. It is highly not reccomended though for avid reptile keepers.