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What jobs can you get a 14?

the only jobs u can get are office grocery store retail store restraunt being a janitor movie theatre baseball park food stand amusment park gas station thats it though but ev (MORE)
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What kind of jobs are there in Utah?

You can get jobs in Utah by staying in place. It is very easy to get jobs such as freelance programmer and freelance graphic designer.

Where can you get a job when you are 14?

The best job for a teenager is with a family friend. Ex. if your parents know someone who owns a corner store, bakery, ice cream store. This creates a comfortable and safe env (MORE)

Where can a 14 year old find a job in west jordan utah?

Most places aren't willing to hire 14 year olds because of very strict labor laws. It just isn't worth it for most companies to employ someone under 16, especially during the (MORE)