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Are there more registered democrats than republicans in the US?

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Yes, over 700,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans.
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How did arthur brooks decide that republicans give more to charity than democrats?

Arthur Brooks is a social scientist and the President of the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank. He has written books on charitable giving in America and

Can you vote republican if you are a registered democrat in Florida?

Your vote is private, and no one will know who you voted for but you. In some states, you may need to register with a party to vote in that parties primary (which you can do w

Are there more Democrats than Republicans?

As of 2013, there are more US voters registered as Republicans than  as Democrats. But that doesn't mean everyone votes for their party  affiliation.    In 2010, self

Is there more Democrats or republicans in the senate?

As of Jan 2015 there are more Republicans in the House and Senate.

Does the US have more Republicans or Democrats?

Actually..."An August 2008 estimate is that 51% of registered voters, including independents, lean toward the Democratic Party and 38% lean toward the Republican Party." The o

Why are Democrats more common then Republicans?

The reason they are more common is due to the fact they have  existed longer than the third parties and thus get the most  recognition.   Additionally, the Democratic Pa

Are there more registered democrats or republicans?

This is a very good question. What makes it a very good question is the fact that it is very difficult to answer. Thirty States in the USA require some kind of party affilia

Are democrats more conservative than republicans?

Using the US-specific definitions of Conservative and Liberal (which, differ greatly from most of the rest of the world), as a party, the Democratic Party is less conservative

Who is more philanthropic democrats or republicans?

It honestly depends on what time period you're talking about, and what you consider philanthropy. Also, if you're talking about people who are supportive of these political pa

Does Congress have more Democrats or Republicans?

Congress is bicameral , having the House of Representatives and the  Senate. Currently the House of Representatives is controlled by the  Republican Party with a ratio of 23