Are there panthers in Missouri?

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Mountain lions yes. There have been rumors of black panthers but no evidence proves otherwise.
There has been rare sighting of Black Panthers in Missouri. Although, no verified photographic or scientific evidence for their existence has been proven. There have been occasional and recent sighting where armature video and/or pictures (not positive if real) have been taken.
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What is a panther?

A panther is a tan colored big cat. It it is also called puma, couger, and mountian lion. This cat lives in florida, and is also called the Florida panther. It also lives in snowy mountains. Leopards and jaguars are also called panthers, especially the black colored specimens. A panther is a black (MORE)

What is a panther bracelet?

A panther bracelet is a bracelet made by the jeweler Louis Cartier.The bracelets are called Panthere de Cartier and were first made in1914.

Is a panther a mammal?

Yes, a panther is a mammal because it is warm blooded, has hair,gives live birth to kittens and breast feeds them.

Who are the Black Panthers?

The Black Panthers were an organization that were banned together as one to fight the oppression of racism. There were violent attacks on the blacks and any one else in the Black Panther Association. They did fight back with violence as reaction to the violence brought upon their organization. .

What did the black panthers do?

actually, the Black Panther Movement was an incredible group of black people that fought for what they believed in physically. they wanted blacks and whites separated but to both have equal rights. it took place in Oakland Cali which was important because most movements about segregation took place (MORE)

What do panthers eat?

A panther's diet mostly consists of meat, large mammals, but they also eat birds and reptiles. They are extremely fast and strong, so it is easy to catch their prey. They are considered to be top hunters. deer, hogs, baby alligators, armadillos, and raccoons. it eats cows!! it eats cows!! meat

What color are panthers?

Although many believe black is the only color panthers come in, this is untrue. Panthers can be golden yellow like lions, brown, dark gray.... For more info, type "panther fur color" into Google. Below, I have included a link to Google in case you want to check it out.

Are there panthers in England?

Panthers are not indigenous to any part of the United Kingdom but some have escaped from captivity in the past and can live successfully in the wild. They were also kept as pets in England in the eighties. when this became illegal, people released them into the wild.

How long do panthers get?

An adult male measures up to 8 feet (2.4m) from nose to tail tip, stands about 28 inches (70 cm) at the shoulder, and weighs up to 300 pounds (135 kg).

Why are panthers endangered?

The Florida Panther is endangered because, Florida does not haveenough forest, or swamp land left for the panthers to live and huntin. Man has drained most of the swamps and built or planted theland. They have also been hunted for years adding that pressurewith the other factors. The Florida panther (MORE)

What eats panthers?

Crocodiles and wild dogs are the biggest enemies to panthers. A crocodile would kill and eat anything that comes to drink water, especially when the enemy is coming to attack the crocodile. The wild dogs, called the red dogs, often attack panthers and kill them for gaining territory and stealing the (MORE)

How do panthers move?

The panther moves in much the same way as any other cat. Theseanimals must walk and pounce like normal cats.

Are there panthers in Tennessee?

actually, it is said that there ARE panthers in Tennessee, but thewildlife people wont admit it because they don't want to alarm thepublic. my friend owns a bunch of land in southern Tennessee, like300 something acres that's never been hunted on. and he was curiousand set up a motion camera in the w (MORE)

How old do panthers get?

about 12 years old a black panther can be old as 40yrs. old. . \n1 day A Panther can live up to 18-20 years in captivity and a little longer in the wild

What colour is a panther?

\nA panther is not an animal but is infact derived from the greek word panthera, which means "beast". The greek names and translations for the four main species of large cats (cats that can roar) are as follows: Panthera Leo- Lion Panthera Tigris-Tiger Panthera Pardus- Leapard Panthera Onca- Jagua (MORE)

Are panthers omnivores?

Panthers are carnivores. They do not generally incorporate plantsin their diets and instead choose to eat meat for their daily diet.

Are black panther cats located in Missouri?

Also known as the North American Black Panther. They are assumed to be melanistic cougars (pumas with a melanin disorder causing a black sheen to their coat). Though most Biologist and large cat breeders claim they do not exist. As such their existence has not been actively searched for in any of th (MORE)

How do panthers behave?

Panthers or mountain lions are meat eating predators. They are ablehunters but are generally not overtly aggressive around humanbeings.

Do panthers shiver?

Yes, panthers shiver. Shivering is an autonomous response to beingchilled. If a panther were to become chilled to a certain point,they would shiver.

How do panthers mate?

Panthers mate in a manner similar to "doggy-style" among humans - the female on bottom with her back to the male's chest.

Are panther social?

"Panther" can refer to leopards or cougars, but I'm pretty sure you mean cougar. Either way, panthers are solitary like most cats. Panthers only come together to mate, and then they separate again. However, cubs do enjoy playing with their siblings.

What kingdom is the panther?

Panthers are in the Animalia kingdom. More specifically, the Chordata phylum (has a spinal chord), Mammalia class (has mammary glands), Carnivora order (eats meat), Felidae family (all cats), Panthera genus. There are several species of panther.

Where are the Pittsburgh Panthers from?

University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. University of Pittsburgh also has regional campuses in Bradford, Johnstown, Greensburg, and Titusville

How can a panther be pink?

It cannot, but, in the movie, Pink Panther, it displays a cartoon panther that is colored pink. The Pink Panther refers to a diamond with a pinkish hue that the Phantom tries to steal. If you hold the diamond up to the light it reveals a flaw that looks like a "Pink Panther." The cartoon Pink Pan (MORE)

Is a panther a feline?

Yes Any Big Cat Is A Feline Such As Cougars,mountain lions,pumas,lions Leopards,cheatahs,servals,Black Serval And Black Panthers Even Some House Cats Are Felines So yes They Are Felines And Are Pretty Dangerous

Where is Missouri?

Missouri is a state located in the Midwestern United States. Itshares borders with eight states: Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky,Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska.

How did the Carolina Panthers get to be called the panthers?

Its a regional name, the south has a lot of Cougars that are known by various names throughout the south such as Moutain Lions, Cougars, Pumas and Panthers, thus when Carolina was given a team they went with a regional name to represent the location just like the New Orleans Saints (due to Louisiana (MORE)

Do panthers have spots?

The black panther, is actually a black leopard! So yes panthers do have spots but we can't see them from far away. And I wouldn't recomend getting close enough to look :S

What family is the panther in?

Panthers are felines , felids , or cats ... See the related link below, please... The word "panther", refers to many medium sized big cats, especially the leopard, jaguar, and puma.

Is a panther a predator?

Panther is a generic term for many of the big cats, such as leopards, jaguars, and pumas. And, as cats, they are predators.

Why is the panther endangered?

The panther in general isn't endangered. The panther species is considered of least concern, however the Florida panther subspecies is endangered due to hunting and habitat loss. Because their habitat has been broken up into many tiny segments, they also have to contend with genetic issues due to in (MORE)

Why do panthers bite?

Same Thing As All Cats,They Are Threatened And Try To Defend Their Selves +(Plus) They Are Very Wild Unless They Are Tamed Isn't Tat Like All Wildcats?

What is a panther gecko?

A panther gecko is a small sized gecko native to Madagascar. This species is scientifically known as the Paradura Picta. Common names include: Madagascar ground gecko, pictus gecko, ocelotte gecko. They are solitary animals and grow to 4-6" in length. They are a nocturnal species and are insectivore (MORE)

What can you do in Missouri?

I would visit the Missouri tourism site and find which city you're going to. Just google "Missouri Tourism Official Website". Some popular attractions in Missouri include: Jefferson National Expansion Museum (aka the Arch) in St. Louis Branson, MO has many attractions, including a theme park (Si (MORE)

Are there panthers or in brittan?

yes there are panthers in brittan and that's no lie there have been sightings for over 50 years ! there has only been one attack on an 11 year old boy

Is a panther a consumer?

i just dont know and dont care people said this website suck but itreally doesnt well sometimes it does no harsh feelings

What are the adaptations of the panthers?

They change their body structure to the size and build of their prey so they have a 95% chance of exceeding in killing their prey, they also need to have a different muscle size so they are able to take their prey back to their tree/den and eat it.

How do panthers get along with other panthers?

Like other felines, panthers get along with other panthers just fine. In fact, panthers get along with most other animals in the big cat family. The panther is not the type of cat to start trouble with other big cats.

What is a rescue panther?

A rescue panther is a panther that has been illegally owned without permit and abused that has been rescued by anything from the humane society to animal control, in most cases they are very tame

Is pink panther a panther or a cat?

Many people misunderstand the meaning of panther. There is no such thing as a black or pink panther, but there is such thing as a large black or pink cat. Panther is an umbrella term for cats in general. That means any creature that is a cat [including the domesticated cats and even lions] is a pant (MORE)

Is panther a cat?

A panther is a type of cat, yes. It is similar to a lioness, or a jaguar, both of which are types of cats, or large felines. They are typically black in color, but can be brown as well.

Where in Missouri can you find panthers?

You can find panthers living in the southern part of Missouritoday. There are verified reports of young panthers tripping game camerasin the Ozarks hills. Avilla is also supposed to have a population of panthers in theirarea of roughly 400 to 500 animals.

What is a panthers habittat?

Panthers are large carnivorous wild cats that are known to livemostly in coniferous and tropical forests, swamps or grassland,rainforest, woodlands, savannas, marshlands, deserts, and evenmountains. Panthers prey mostly on animals like deer, rabbits and also birds. There are three cats known as "pan (MORE)

Do Panthers have tails?

A panther isn't a certain animal. It's a name given to several normally spotted cats which sometimes occur in black. Usually leopards and jaguars. And yes, those animals do have tails - unless they've lost it in a fight or an accident.