Are there proportionately more atheists in jail than religious people?

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It would appear not. '''' quotes W. T. Root, professor of psychology at the Univ. of Pittsburgh, who examined 1,916 prisoners and said, "Indifference to religion, due to thought, strengthens character." He is quoted as saying that Unitarians, Agnostics, Atheists and Free-Thinkers are absent from penitentiariers or nearly so.

In 1997, Rod Swift found that .209% of federal prisoners are atheists (See related link: Rod Swift study).

In 2010, Tim Covell updated that information, and discovered only .08% of the U.S. federal prison population is atheist (See related link: Tim Covell study).

It is claimed that over a period of 10 years , those executed in Sing-Sing Prison for murder were 65% Catholics, 26% Protestants, 6% Hebrew, 2% Pagan, and less than 1/3 of 1% non-religious.
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Are more people Christians or atheists?

Answer I would say most people are probably somewhere in between. People can be of any spirituality or religion and what people believe on these matters is up to the individual and is different for everyone. Culture, nationality, geographic location and upbringing all have a profound effect on wh (MORE)

Why do religious people become Atheists?

Many people start out with religious beliefs because they were brought up in a religious environment. However, when they begin to question those beliefs they may find inconsistencies and errors, which they can not reconcile with their own understanding of the universe. They begin to realise that the (MORE)

Why are people atheists?

I am an atheist, and I am one, because I simply can not believe that there is a God, much as I would like to believe it. I don't think human life has any meaning, or that God is watching out for us. Also, I don't want to waste my life praying to some possibly existing God, just so I can go to Heaven (MORE)

Are religious people more intelligent than non-religious people?

Opinion . There is absolutely no reason to believe that there is any difference in intelligence between religious and non-religious people. Non-religious people can arguably claim to be more independent thinkers, but this does not mean that they are more intelligent, nor that they are less intell (MORE)

Are non-religious people more neurotic than religious people?

Another opinion from our community: I do not think so, but have to admit that people who have a faithto hold on to seem to live more stable lives. They have a purposefor living, whereas others who have no religious guidelines intheir lives tend to loose site of their purpose, and ask what is itall (MORE)

Are non-religious people more paranoid than religious people?

NO. Religous people have more to be afraid of than non religious people. This is an extremely interesting question, and I bet that it has been studied. I'll see what I can locate. At the very least, it would be very difficult to define "religious" and "non-religious", but once that is done, some ca (MORE)

Is jail for life more effective than capital punishment?

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Have atheists killed more people than religion?

The answer is no . Religious fanatics tend to get overexcited about their particular religion, and many go on mass murder/ethnic cleansing rampages, killing innocent people. More have died in human history at the hands of and in the name of Religion. Atheists don't hate religion, they just cho (MORE)

Are there more atheists than religious people?

Answer: . The problem is getting an honest answer to generate the figures. . In many countries atheists are pretty much despised by the "moral majority". In some areas being an out of the closet atheist is a capital crime. Politicians never admit to being other than religious to avoid offending (MORE)

Do people in jail live better than homeless people?

I think yes, people in jail do live better than homeless people. Why? . People in jail get fed and have a bed. . People that are homeless, dont have that kind of ability. They cant make friends, esually, they dont get fed, or get fed poorly, and they get to see people that cant help them in any so (MORE)

Why do religious people think people are better than animals?

The reason for most people who are very religious thinking that animals don't have souls, or that humans are better than them is because of the fact that animals don't seem to be capable of intelligent thought, or higher thinking capabilities.

Are there more black people than white people in jail?

Currently there are more white people in jail than any otherethnicity. But based on percent of population the race with thehighest percentage in jail are blacks. Inmates By Race: White: 129,824 (makes up 59.5 % of inmates) Black: 80,906 (makes up 37.1 % of inmates) Native American: 3,966 (makes (MORE)

Why do religious people try to convert atheists?

There may be two main reasons. The first and optimistic one is that, having conviction in their faith or belief, they truly want an atheist to be converted and so that they may also enjoy what it would entail to be "saved." The second one, as sad as it may be, would be that they want their money.. (MORE)

Why are older people more religious?

During their youth, religion was more of a part of life, and they were also not educated enough to think it through for themselves; if something is told to you as the truth for your entire life, you are not likely to change that view quickly.

Why do people assume non religious people are atheist?

Because so called christians always judge us. i am not an atheist, neither am i religious. by the way if you are a christian and your reading this, do not judge others, don not force your religion on others you are to love and encourage people, be an example of christ. whether atheist or not, all ar (MORE)

Can atheists accept the religious beliefs of other people?

Of course. In fact, atheists are more accepting of people who think differently because they have no religious agenda to promote, no beliefs they feel the need to press on others. ~~~~~~~~~ Above answer is well put, but i might add, i myself do not accept the religious beliefs of another person, bu (MORE)

Why do more black people go to jail than whites?

Because Black people was grown into misguidance blacks have a harder time to get money legally. See it's a cical for white people to stay rich and blacks stay poor.. It's so sad I knw, we all knw how drugs get to the USA and we all knw it can be stopt, but it won't because whites are greedy and they (MORE)

Do people hate atheists more than gay people?

No, intelligent people do not hate any one because of race, religion or sexual orientation, only racists and narrow minded uneducated people hate people that they have absolutely no understanding of.

Why do religious people judge atheist?

Assuming you mean "Why do religios people jusdge atheists as bad?" then the answer, which does not apply to all, is that they view atheists as immoral beings who purposefully reject their god so they can sin, or something to a similar tone (they don't believe in my god, therefore they are bad.)

Why do atheists partake in religious holidays?

Out of respect and conformity. Most Atheists don't try to convert people into atheists - they just want to be respected and for the world to know that they exist and shouldn't be disrespected. To show respect for others' holiday, we say Merry Christmas and truly wish people who do celebrate it have (MORE)

Do atheists hate Muslims more than Christians?

I can't answer for all atheists, and will not attempt to do so. "Atheism", means you are without a religion, it does not mean that atheists hate religion. Many Atheists are hostile towards religion in general, mainly due to the discrimination these religions teach, there's no point arguing against (MORE)

Can a Atheist and religious relationship work out?

Of course, relationships are all about compromise and people can always change. It does add a strain to the relationship when there are differences though, so you'd have to consider that before comitting.

Do you think that Marriage is more important for christians than non religious people?

It depends on the Christian. It should matter much more to a Christian and to a Chistian same sex unions or marriages of any type are a terrible sin. Since they (Christians) should go by the teachings of Jesus and word of God (The Bible). But once again, it depends completely on who you ask an (MORE)

Why do atheists try to answer religious questions?

Answer: It appears to be human nature to want to give the "right" answer. As a consequence atheists provide secular answers to questions like "When was Jesus born" or "How was man created" based on scientific or historical data, and the religious use their positions and teachings to answer astrono (MORE)

Can an atheist use argument and proof any more successfully than a theist?

No because neither of them can really prove that the other is wrong. Atheists say that a higher power can be disproved just as easily as Theists say that a higher power can be proved to exist. Answer: Atheists usually rely on facts and reason to state their position. Theists generally fall back (MORE)

Why are religious people so insistant on putting things like arrogant atheists think that this wasn't made for us on demotavational posters when their views are just as if not more ridiculous?

Why are you so insistent as to say 'their views are...ridiculous'. That is arrogance pure and simple. When you are talking to a convert you should at least respect the sweat and effort that probably went into that conversion experience. I will not abuse you but you shoud learn to speak less sweepi (MORE)

Why are American atheists more homophobic than their European equivalents?

American atheists are not homophobic as a class. In fact, the reader wonders at the source of your statistics. American atheists are not homophobic as a class. In fact, the reader wonders at the source of your statistics. American atheists are not homophobic as a class. In fact, the reader wonders (MORE)

Why do a lot of religious people dislike atheists and agnostics?

A lot of religious people do not know or understand what atheism is. If they don't understand something it often means they are afraid of it, hence the dislike. Answer: Many people create a system of casual beliefs and take it that: . Everyone likes Christmas, birthdays, fathers/mothers day . (MORE)

Is Canada more religious than the US?

No Canada is not a very religious country. did you know that 43% of Americans go to church at least once a week, and only 20% of Canadians go to church at lest once a week?

Why do atheist people think they are smarter than everybody else?

They're not. They just have a different perspective on creation and life. Unfortunately this causes conflict with people who believe they have all the answers through their own personal belief system, religious or otherwise. There are many unanswered questions about life and the universe its just th (MORE)

Do non-religious people care less regarding justice than religious people?

well, it depends on which religion. if you could state the question more specifically, it would be very helpful. Also, it depends on who you are. Answer Unless we know the person concerned, we can never say if a religious person is cares more about justice than a non-religious person or vice versa (MORE)

Why are protestant fundamentalists in the US more likely to get divorced than atheists?

This may not have much to do with religion but may be more socio-economic. Atheists tend to be educated and affluent relative to fundamentalist protestants who tend to be poorly educated and less affluent. Better educated and affluent people commonly delay marriage until the early to mid twenties (MORE)

Do atheists believe in religious expirences?

No. The position of an Atheist is a rejection of all god claims dueto lack of sufficient proof, this includes all religiousexperiences of which no testable, measurable evidence exists

Why is US more religious than Europe?

This isn't truly the case. In present times, urban people are becoming less and less religious, which is true all over the Western world. The importance of religion has decreased dramatically in both American and European cities. Typically, conservatives tend to be more religious than liberals and f (MORE)

How do Atheists see Religious People?

While opinions will vary by individuals, atheists generallydisagree with the philosophies of religious people. Answer: It depends both on the person doing the viewing and the person theyare viewing. There is no general atheist view of religious peopleany more than there is a bald persons' view of (MORE)

Why is there more money spent on jails than on education?

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