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Are there sharks in the banderas bay?

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Yes. Sharks are found in ALL the world's oceans, but, as the saying goes, there are many fish in the sea, so it is normally quite safe to swim in an area in which they have been seen. However, their superior sense of smell (up to a mile away) directs them to blood in the water. Once excited, they don't really seem to care who or what they eat, hence the term "feeding frenzy".But specifically, there are nurse sharks & whitetip reef sharks found/seen in Banderas Bay.
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Are there sharks at maho bay?

There are sharks in the US Virgin Islands, but the chances of anyone seeing one is not good, according to a US National Park Service marine biologist there. Sharks are rare. M

Can sharks live in a bay?

The only Shark capable of swimming in fresh water is the Bull Shark in fact it raises young in fresh water because the ocean has too many predators.

Are there sharks in Shark Bay?

Yes. There are several dozen species of sharks in Shark Bay, whichis located in northwestern Western Australia. The most commonspecies include: . Tiger shark ( Galeocerdo cu

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Yes. Shark Bay is the most western point of the Australian mainland.

How many types of shark are there at Shark Bay?

There are 34 known species of sharks in Shark Bay, which lies offthe northwest coast of Western Australia. They are: Tiger shark ( Galeocerdocuvier ) - Shark Bay has one of
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Yes there is. Sharks are commonly found in the hawaiian waters.Also the depth of the water and the reef makes it a perfect placefor home. A few beaches away, there is Sharks C
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