Are there sweatshops in Nepal?

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In Nepal
there are shops with lots of sweats but there are not very many sweat shops
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What is a sweatshop?

A sweatshop is where people who work in factories are forced towork long hours for very little pay, because there is no other wayto earn a living. . In the US, sweatshops are illegal because we have a minimum wageboth Federally and State wide Most sweatshops are in Asiancountries and mostly women a (MORE)

When did sweatshops start?

Unofficial sweatshops have been around for quite a while. Most ofthe established official sweatshops have only been around since themid 1900s.

Why are sweatshops bad?

They're not, they make your clothes. That jumper you're wearing wasmade by a fat black kid.

Why are there sweatshops?

People are looking for ways to cut cost in creating product. When one of them would rather cut corners and save money rather than pay proper wages, sweatshops are created.

What is sweatshop labor?

\nsweat shop labour is a way for making poor people get paid less than the minimum wage. and the minimum wage is $8.50 but many companies are giving their workers/slaves less than 1 dollar an hour. Is this equitable? This should be illegal, what are you going to do about it?

Where are sweatshops?

There are sweatshops around the world. However, there appear to be more reported incidents of alledged sweatshops in Asia and south America

Sweatshops are good?

No. The aspect of a sweatshop is to have vulnerable people working long hours in very, very poor conditions for little money. In some countries children are working in these areas as young a 5 years old

What is good about sweatshops?

In general sweatshops are not good. They pay poor wages andoverwork those who work there. They take advantage of the poor. Theonly good thing you could say about them is that they produce goodsat a very low cost.

What is the Nepal?

Nepal is a landlocked country located in Asia continent. In north it borders China and on others it borders India. It is a mountainous country mostly and plain on the southern side. The capital city is Kathmandu which is mix of urban and traditional. 8 of the tallest mountains in the world are locat (MORE)

Advantages of Sweatshops?

The advantage of a sweatshop is that it provides cheap labor so acompany can earn more profit. It also makes the cost of buying anitem cheaper for the consumer.

What was a sweatshop?

A sweatshop is a factory where workers are crowded together inunsafe conditions. They are paid low wages and little care is takento protect them.

Why do sweatshops exist?

Because the people are child abusers and they don't give a living soul for them so they say heck with it make clothes and that's that. They ignore the rights of the children for their own personal gain. A brand-name shoe company can buy extremely cheap shoes from a sweatshop in another country an (MORE)

Why are sweatshops used?

Because people want alot of money and the employees would rather work in a sweatshop than not have a job at all. And sweatshops are far higher paying than other jobs available to them. See related link below.

What are the characteristics of sweatshops?

A working environment with very difficult or dangerous conditions,usually where the workers have few rights or ways to address theirsituation. This can include exposure to harmful materials,hazardous situations, extreme temperatures, or abuse fromemployers. Sweatshop workers are often forced to work (MORE)

Which brands are sweatshop?

Nike. Gap Nike and Gap are considered among the best in the business for staying on top of their supply chain and fixing any human rights abuses immediately. Several brands from Kohls, Macys and Sears. Including Alfani are made under horrific conditions in Guatemala. Don't stop buying the clot (MORE)

What are sweatshops like?

Harsh places where people are manipulated and treated badly for low wages. They usually work because they are poor or are struggling. Most sweatshops are in Vietnam, China, Indonesia and Mexico. People who work in sweatshops in Mexico get and average of $3 a day! By Caitlyn Kavanagh :)

Where are sweatshops in Africa?

wherever a company sees opportunity to take advantage of people who lack the knowledge and resources to stand up for themselves

Where are sweatshops located?

sweat shops are where people work and don't get a good amount of money, but still they don't say anything about it. There is one located in Chicago and some call it LaGarra they sell different kinds of stuff like clothes, electronics, food, etc.

Who does sweatshop affect?

the workers because it affects them, how much pay the get, how many hours they work. how they get treated etc

Who uses sweatshops?

If by 'uses' you mean United States corporations/firms who have been known to have vendor relationships/outsourced locations in countries where regulations are lax vs the United States... the short/strict'est answer would be "everyone else". Some take the position 'WHY ELSE would you be there, if n (MORE)

Why are sweatshops illegal?

"Sweatshop" is a derogatory term for a workshop or factory where labor and compensation laws are not followed. Workers get paid less than the legal minimum wage, are expected to work overtime without getting paid extra, workers are denied breaks that are required by law, are sometimes abused verball (MORE)

Why are sweatshops a problem?

Because people are treated horribly and do not have the chance to make a choice. They are paid low wages and unfortunately work under poor conditions. They are bossed about and have to face horrific consequences if they do something wrong. They are only given a very small amount of food.

Are sweatshops illegal?

basically yes-but everybody seems to look the other way-a famous designer got busted recently and they just slapped his hand

What is made in sweatshops?

clothes are made in sweatshops and the people who make them are usually exploited and paid very little money hope that helps :)

Who works in sweatshops?

Any people who need pay and are willing to work for it. Some examples are illegal immigrants and poor people in third world countries.

Are sweatshops legal?

in some countries "sweatshops" are legal (i.e. japan/tailand, and most third world countries) however they are not legal in the united states, England and others.

What is the reason for the growth of sweatshops?

In a report issued in 1994, the United States Government Accountability Office found that there were still thousands of sweatshops in the United States, using a definition of a sweatshop as any "employer that violates more than one federal or state labour law governing minimum wage and overtime, (MORE)

Does next use sweatshops?

Yes they do however Next claim to have priorities that theirworkers are:Supported and respected Treated fairly and taken care of Listened to Motivated to achieve their full potentials They also say: No child labour No forced labour Freedom of association Healthy and safe working conditions (MORE)

When were sweatshops pronounced illegal?

They aren't illegal. I own 3 sweatshops that employ Vietnamese toddlers. They're great workers. If you have any I can buy, call 419-734-6571 and ask for Dave. I am an avid KKK member and a member of the BBB.

Why do sweatshops exsite?

Sweatshops are in place because it is much cheaper to make whatever goods are made there. Employees are paid much less than those who work in quality factories. The company benefits from cheaper workers and the consumer benefits from cheaper goods.

What age are people working in sweatshops?

Most people working in sweatshops are females between ages 9-25, during their teens and early adult life. This is the time period that should be used for education, but instead, is used to support their family.

Why is a sweatshop called a sweatshop?

Because children, women and the elderly are working 12-18 hour days in crowded basements/warehouses with little to no ventilation making the clothes and products that you buy and wear. Previous to being chemically dry cleaned before going to retail, your shirt was probably assembled by small dirty, (MORE)

What is the cause of sweatshops?

The cause is some people are very poor and can't get a job. So they either go and work their for a extremely low wage, or get their kids to for them. You think they would quit for the long hours and little pay, but beggars can't be choosers.

Are there sweatshops in the UK?

I thinks so, there is sweatshops everywere. I think thayt thye are more fairly paid and I only think that they make fake produce like fake ugg boot and ghd's and stuff like that.

Why are there still sweatshops?

To exploit people, and to get as much profit, while spending as little as possible to pay the laborers. Because it's still legal in much of the world, and if people can legally exploit other people in sweatshops and make money off of them, many individuals will do so, because they love money more th (MORE)

What are the problems of a sweatshop?

There really is nothing wrong with sweat shops. People say that it is a crime to pay someone $10.00 a day to work in a foreign country, however, over there it is a good job. They may want to get paid more, but that's just the way it is. What people really care about is that the products that are bei (MORE)

Are sweatshops ethical?

The term "sweatshop" is used to indicate a factory where people do too much work for too little pay, so no, they are not ethical.

What can you do in Nepal?

vell basically we sit wit our famoly an we sing to chwissmas carols we eating noodol al de tyme yano we love maths it my second langu-age

Are there sweatshops in Singapore?

Singapore has a high standard of living, so there is probably nosweatshops in Singapore. Personally, as a local I have also neverheard of the existence of sweatshops here. However, it is notguaranteed that there are exactly no sweatshops in Singapore.