Are there sweatshops in Nepal?

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there are shops with lots of sweats but there are not very many sweat shops
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Where is Nepal?

Nepal is a country in South Asia and is bordered by China andIndia.

What is a sweatshop?

A sweatshop is where people who work in factories are forced towork long hours for very little pay, because there is no other wayto earn a living. . In the US, sweatshops are

Why are there sweatshops?

People are looking for ways to cut cost in creating product. When one of them would rather cut corners and save money rather than pay proper wages, sweatshops are created.

Where are sweatshops?

There are sweatshops around the world. However, there appear to be more reported incidents of alledged sweatshops in Asia and south America

What companies have sweatshops?

none, the sweatshops are all owned by local operators and not by the actual product seller because of liability reasons

Sweatshops are good?

No. The aspect of a sweatshop is to have vulnerable people working long hours in very, very poor conditions for little money. In some countries children are working in these a

What is good about sweatshops?

In general sweatshops are not good. They pay poor wages andoverwork those who work there. They take advantage of the poor. Theonly good thing you could say about them is that

What is the Nepal?

Nepal is a landlocked country located in Asia continent. In north it borders China and on others it borders India. It is a mountainous country mostly and plain on the southern

What was a sweatshop?

A sweatshop is a factory where workers are crowded together inunsafe conditions. They are paid low wages and little care is takento protect them.

Why do sweatshops exsite?

Sweatshops are in place because it is much cheaper to make whatever goods are made there. Employees are paid much less than those who work in quality factories. The company be

Why is a sweatshop called a sweatshop?

Because children, women and the elderly are working 12-18 hour days in crowded basements/warehouses with little to no ventilation making the clothes and products that you buy
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What are the issues with sweatshops?

Sweats shops have many issues like not paying workers a living wedges and abusing them for making mistakes
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What can you do in Nepal?

vell basically we sit wit our famoly an we sing to chwissmas carols we eating noodol al de tyme yano we love maths it my second langu-age