Are tv court shows real?

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no its not. they are real cases but, they are paid to settle out of court. then they come and act out there disputes on the show
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Why was the TV show Parco PI on Court TV cancelled?

Because it sucked.. Because it sucked.. Because Vincent Parco is a criminal and his history caught up with him. Vincent Parco P.I failed to notify his producers that he had

Is Cops the TV show real?

Yes, Cops is real. The Fox show has been running since 1989 and follows officers in 140 cities across the United States. There is no narration in the show, and the cameramen a

Who pays on tv court shows?

Each party is paid a fee for appearing on the show. The judgments are paid by the show. These "court" shows are chosen from small claims court proceedings. The max amount you

Is it a real kiss in a TV show?

Usually, NO. Actually, the kiss usually is real, but it doesn't have any emotional attachment behind it. A simple, meaningless kiss. That's what you get for being an actor! H

Is the TV show Hoarders real?

Yes, the T.V. show is real. It is based on these peoples lives, and their addiction to many, and some disgusting things. Many people may think it is fake, but if you are up to

Are TV shows real?

Most of them are not. If it says "Documentary" they are, of course. You'll have to decide for each one if they are featuring real people or actors!
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What television shows and movies are based on real court cases?

The Law and Order series really do take stories from the headlines. When they do that, the story will start off just like the real case then take twists and turns that end t

Are TV show theories real?

No, people make them up to troll you. There is The Rugrat Theory but the thing is, it's not a theory, it's just a story, I almost puked last night I was so scared, so the ne

Is TV show theories real?

Nope. People pretty much think any toddler/child TV show has some dark side to it. But it doesn't. They are trying to get noticed, troll you, and get you to stop watching the

What is real about reality tv shows?

Is what real or phony? All reality shows or do you have one inmind. All have drama incorporated in some way, viewers would getbored quickly without it. Some are more phony tha