Are vented and insulated the same thing on a water heater?

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If there is no water on the floor of the car and there is cold steam coming from the vents does the heater core need to be replaced?

When the heater core rusted out in my vc commodore, it leaked coolant into the passenger side of the car. When my EB Falcon stopped blowing hot air, it was the thermostat on the motor. You can guess which was cheaper to repair :) Take the thermostat housing off and just see if it is all rusted and r (MORE)

Why would no heat blow from the vents of a 1992 Chevy Lumina even after replacing the water pump thermostat heater core hoses radiator?

Answer . the heater control valve it stuck closed for some reason. Check for a broken vacume line between the heater control to the valve. With the engine running check for a good vacume at the valve with a vacume gauge it should be close to the same reading as the engine vacume. If all is good t (MORE)

What is the difference between a direct vent water heater and a power direct vent water heater and how do you know if you need one or the other?

Answer . \nGenerally, a direct vent must be next to an outside wall or be connected to a chimney that extends 2-4 feet above roof peak (all gases and fumes from the burner will vent naturally). A power vent is used when the unit is put inside the home in a closet or on an interior wall. It must (MORE)

How do you insulate a can of water?

Answer . Wrap the can in some insulating material. This could be a blanket, a towel, foam padding, bubble wrap, cotton stuffing, styrofoam, neoprene rubber, even newspaper. The better it is wrapped, the better insulated it will be. The more dead air space (in other words empty space inside th (MORE)

How do you install gas water heater vent?

Answer . [Note: There are critical safety concerns involved here. Read the whole answer!] . I'm no plumber, but I do know this:. You need to determine if your water heater is designed for side venting or verticle venting! . If installed improperly, the water heater may allow deadly carbon mono (MORE)

Why is smoke coming out heater vents?

more than likely your heater core is leaking, check the carpets to see if they are wet, anti-freeze feels greasy on you hands and smells kinda sweet. oh yea its poisen also so don't taste it.

Why does radiator fluid get into heater vents?

You heater works from water flowing from your radiator to the heater core, you may have a leak in your heater core. . You most likely also smell antifreeze inside the vehicle. It is most likely casued by a leaky heater core. Unfortunatly depending upon the make/model/year of your vehicle a heater (MORE)

Can you have a water heater and dryer on the same circuit?

Not advisable. Both units consume huge amounts of Amps (amperes = current) and the normal 20 or 30 amp breaker may not sustain prolonged operation of both. Where I live, we have two electric meters ... one just for the water heater, the other for the house and all it's electrical needs (except for t (MORE)

Are water vapor and steam the same thing?

Yes, but that stuff you can see isn't steam. Neither steam nor water vapor are visible. The could of white stuff you can see above a boiling kettle is water droplets formed by the condensation of the water vapor/steam as it collides with the cooler air outside the kettle.

Is the vent to the water heater supposed to get very hot?

If the installer used CHEAP single wall flue pipe (sheet metal) and the heater is running for an extended amount of time YES it gets very hot and double wall piping should be used when passing through any flammable area AGA , NFPA 54

Is fiberglass insulation OK to use on a propane garage heater single wall exhaust vent pipe where it passes through an attic?

Not only is it wrong to use on single wall pipe but is ABSOLUTELY WRONG,WRONG to use single wall pipe!!! replace immediately w/double wall pipe. You have an extremely dangerous fire hazard! almost any gas fueled device produces exhaust which can get extremely hot. A secondary benefit(besides not t (MORE)

Is water vapor and steam the same thing?

yes, like fog is the same as water vapor. i learned this in science the other day. because my teacher said there is water vapor on the mountain.. and i was like yeah theres fog too! HE LAUGHED FOREVER!

Can soffit vents be blocked by insulation?

They sure can, but they never should be! Stick your head up thru your attic access hole or better yet, climb into your attic (being carefull to step only on your ceiling rafters) and take a look. If you can't see because of the roof slope, just eliminate any light and you should see light shining up (MORE)

What things are insulators?

An insulator is a material that does not allow electrical current to flow freely.some materials are better then other copper is the cheapest most effective per cost ratio conductor of electricity............( allows current to flow with relative ease) plastics glass ceramics all are poor conductors (MORE)

Can you use a conventional water heater and a tank-less water heater at the same time?

I don't see why not; I've read that two conventional water heaters can be used at the same time to reduce electric costs, but I don't know how.\n. \nYou could hook them up in a series to pre-heat the water to say, 50 degrees, and hold it; then heat it to the desired temperature. Or you hook them u (MORE)

Do gas water heaters need to be insulated?

NO! This is a FIRE HAZARD. Manufacturers of all water heaters always install insulation around the tank then cover it with the sheet metal jacket. I have seen many times where a person has insulated a gas water heater and the flames from the burner chamber escaped from the cover and ignited the plas (MORE)

Is Ice and water the same thing?

No, ice is not the same thing as water scientificly, because water is a liquid and ice is a solid, because the liguid is trapped insid of a gas

How do you insulate a water heater?

Gas water heaters are internally insulated, and need air flow to burn the gas off safely and correctly. There is no need to insulate them, in fact it would be very wrong to do so. Simply put pipe insulation on the exposed copper. Home depot has it in the plumbing section. Electric water heaters a (MORE)

Reset code for a white rodgers intelli vent this is a master reset code for our water heater?

15 LED STATUS PROBLEM SOLUTION The self diagnostic test has detected the presence of flammable vapors. The Intelli-Vent control is programed to lock-out and display this error code if the resistance value it senses from the FV sensor is above 70,000 ohms but remains below 1,700, (MORE)

Are Rheem and GE water heaters the same?

Yes they are. The standard electric and gas GE water heaters water heater sold at Home Depot are manufactured by Rheem. The new GE hybrid is manufactured by Midea in China.

How do you vent an interior closet for an electric water heater closet?

An electric water heater does not need a vent (or flue) though you will want a plumed out piping on the pop-off valve on the heater. We've got that but the supply line (cold) is insulated but sweating; probably due to change in water temperature vs. ambient temperature. The water heater is inside t (MORE)

How come storage water heaters don't have a vent for steam?

I am not sure, but this is what I think... That's because the water is heated to less than 100 deg C (and a thermostat turns off the heating once this temperature is reached). Still, most models have a safety valve in case excess pressure builds up.

Why vent natural gas water heater in winter?

If you do not vent a natural gas water heater, anytime of the year, CO and CO2 will build up in your home. Anytime you are burning anything indoors you will need to vent the product. The only exception are 'ventless' heaters/fireplaces/ect. If you use a ventless system make sure you spend money on a (MORE)

Are water and hydrogen monoxide the same thing?

Nope, when hydrogen and oxygen are bonded together in the form of water, the technical term is dihydrogen monoxide (H 2 0). Hydrogen monoxide would be HO however, it is not listed as HO, but rather OH (why, I have no idea), which is a base called hydroxide. It all has to deal with the way they bond. (MORE)