Are vented and insulated the same thing on a water heater?

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How do you install gas water heater vent?

Answer . [Note: There are critical safety concerns involved here. Read the whole answer!] . I'm no plumber, but I do know this:. You need to determine if your water heate

Is the vent to the water heater supposed to get very hot?

If the installer used CHEAP single wall flue pipe (sheet metal) and the heater is running for an extended amount of time YES it gets very hot and double wall piping should be

Do gas water heaters need to be insulated?

NO! This is a FIRE HAZARD. Manufacturers of all water heaters always install insulation around the tank then cover it with the sheet metal jacket. I have seen many times where

How do you insulate a water heater?

Gas water heaters are internally insulated, and need air flow to burn the gas off safely and correctly. There is no need to insulate them, in fact it would be very wrong to do

How come storage water heaters don't have a vent for steam?

I am not sure, but this is what I think... That's because the water is heated to less than 100 deg C (and a thermostat turns off the heating once this temperature is reached).