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Virus are living object because:
They possess genetic material DNAs or RNAs. They can reproduce and mutate. They react to stimuli such as radiation, chemicals and heat. They possess antigenic properties. They are capable to multiply with same genetic constituent.

Virus are non-living because:
They can be crystalize like non living material. They are inert like chemical outside the host. Cell wall and cell membranes are absent. Protoplasm is also absent. They do not have any functional anatomy. They can not multiply without host nuclear machinsery.

However, in order to be qualified to be a living organism, it must be able to show all of the characteristics of life, therefore viruses are not living.
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Where do Viruses live?

  Viruses, like bacteria are found almost everywhere; in the soil, in the air, on surfaces or in animals and plants. They are looking for a host organism to infect so that

Why are viruses nonliving?

they do not metabolize or respond to stimuli. they must use a host cell to reproduce for it.

Why viruses are called link between living and nonliving?

"Viruses are so primitive that many scientists consider them to be both living and nonliving things. By itself, a virus is a lifeless particle that cannot reproduce. But insid

Why do biologists consider viruses to be nonliving?

Viruses are not cells and do not have a cell membrane or other components of living cells. They cannot reproduce on their own. They cannot move on their own. They also can not

Do scientists consider viruses nonliving?

No. Viruses are living organisims, but do require a host for the purposes of reproduction.

Why are viruses considered to be nonliving?

Viruses are considered to be non-living because viruses are not  cells, they don't use energy to grow, and they do not respond to  their surroundings (breaks the seven chara

Are viruses living?

No. Life is defined in science with certain criteria. Some listsare slightly different, but a universal point of definition is thatsomething living requires metabolism (the ab

How do viruses live?

They don't. Viruses are not alive, so they have no means of living. They do, however, have a means of thriving in an environment, and that is through the host cell. Once a vir

Why do biologist consider viruses to be nonliving?

Viruses are not living because they do not exchange any gasses, they do not require any life-sustaining nutrients, and they do not reproduce on their own. A virus is a small p
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Why are viruses consider nonliving particles?

They do not reproduce asexually or sexually. Viruses need a host like a cell in order to reproduce. In the dormant state, they are virions, and considered to be nonliving. How
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Why are viruses considerd to be nonliving?

They don't meet some of the requirements of a fully living organism. They do not have DNA, only RNA. They don't consume or excrete. They cannot reproduce, either sexuall