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Are widows of vets eligible for assisted living benefits?

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Yes, if the veteran served one month in active duty during war time. Check with your local VA social worker.
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How old does a widow have to be to receive her husbands Social Security benefits?

Widows are eligible to begin drawing retirement benefits at age 60 if they have not remarried before that time. Disabled widows are eligible at 50. A widow or ex-spouse may

Whats cost of Sunrise Assisted Living Inc?

assisted living area (not reminiscence which goes up probably to 7-8000/mo possibly higher), no extras, approximately $6000/mo., not including an initial move-in fee. -as of 2

Why do you want to work in an assisted living?

Working in an assisted living facility is emotionally rewarding. You get to help out the elderly people who are left off by their families and become their 2nd family already.

What are the average costs of assisted living facilities?

Oklahoma and Florida offer the least expensive assisted living, coming in at $1,230 and $1,280 respectively. Vermont and Washington, DC, on the other hand are a whopping $3,03