Are wolves in Ontario?

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I do believe they live wild in Ontario. Many wolves seem to thrive in Canada, whereas in the USA, there are very few wild wolves left.
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Where is Ontario?

In Canada, bordered by the United States, as well as the provinces of Quebec and Manitoba. Eastern Canada

How do wolves help other wolves?

Depends on how they help each other. In a pack or separate lone wolves? Pack--they hunt with each other, play with each other, clean each other, show affection, show loyalty, mourn. Seperate--very rare do other wolf packs help each other. Actually I think there hasn't been a record account of that h (MORE)

Do wolves eat wolves?

It has only happened about once on record, but really that`s a no. Actually, cannibalism is not uncommon amongst wolves. During timesof scarce food sources and harsh winters, packs often attack weak,injured, or sick wolves to devour their carcasses. They've alsobeen known to eat the dead bodies of f (MORE)

What do wolves do?

Wolves play-fight when they are pups (babies). As they get olderthey start to hunt with their pack (wolves ususlly live in groupsof 3-6). When hunting a pack will surround the prey and one of themwill go in to attack the prey. If unsuccessful the wolf willretreat and let another wolf try to kill the (MORE)

How do wolves sleep?

Like humans do. wolves sleep pretty much just like dogs do. no different. wolves are very similar to dogs.

What are wolves emimies?

The wolves enimies are the bears, farmers, hunters, ravens, and other humans that want to do harm.

What kinds of wolves are there?

the 2 main types are gray wolf and red wolf. There are subspecies such as arctic wolves. just as an extra fact, the maned wolf is inf fact not a wolf, it is a fox ;) there is all kinds of wolfs. theres brown,gray,andwhite. if you know that wolfs use there skin coler to bland in with the ground.

Can wolves swim?

Yes, they can swim, although they prefer not to. If their prey has swum across to an island then they will follow them there, or to get back to their pack. There have been acounts of wolves living on an island by Georgian Bay-because in the winter they run across on the ice, but when it melts they h (MORE)

What are wolves poached for?

they are poached for their fur coat and sometimes their meat but they are very beautiful animals if you think about it

Are wolves nocturnal?

No; wolves live, hunt, and play in the day. They rest in the night. Additional user note: It's always astonishing to me that somebody(in this instance Gothwolfgirl6) that has absolutely no idea whathe or she is talking about receives "confidence votes" when theanswer is absolutely wrong. . Hey, G (MORE)

Who are the wolves?

Since this is posted in the Rugby section: . There are several Rugby Teams called the Wolves. . the warrington wolves . Bucuresti wolves . Kempton wolves . North west wolves . Ottawa wolves . and probably more

Why are wolves called wolves?

Probably because some guttural Russian calling Brother Ralph was surprised to find the wild dogs closing in. Volf, Volf where are you? Why is a verandah called a veranda? It is old English of Germanic origin, 'wulf'. The old Norse word is 'ulfr'

Do wolves hunt others wolves?

No, wolves absolutely do not hunt each other. The wolves in a pack are loyal to each other in every way, although wolves may fight with other packs if they cross territories. Wolf pups may preform fake fights that are just for fun, and it is completely safe, as they try not to harm each other severe (MORE)

Do wolves get along with other wolves?

Usually, wolves will get along with other wolves, (like packs)but if a wolf wants leadership or a lone wolf comes near, they willusually attack another wolf. . Let me elaborate on what this person above has said. Wolves havestrong family bonds. Like humans, they value family above all else,and will (MORE)

Where do Ontario grapes grow in Ontario?

Ontario Grapes Grow in somewhere up north like in sudbury or sue st. Marie -Lout Fri Dec 12 2008 My answer is based on personal experience. The grapes in Ontario grow in the Niagara region. The climate is warmer there than any other place in the province as it is the most southerly and benefits fr (MORE)

How do wolves communicate with other wolves?

Communication in a pack of wolves can be from howling to barking. The usual dog sounds. Those are a couple of ways that wolves communicate. Wolves also communicate through body language using their tails, ears and mouths. They also communicate through actions, such as pawing the ground, walking (MORE)

What can wolves do?

Anything they want.... lol Wolves pack up with up to thirteen other wolves perhaps more and together they use strategies to hunt their prey. They are extremely smart and also very loving and protective of their members. Also, when an older male wolf reaches a point at his life where he is not so pow (MORE)

Are Tasmanian wolves really wolves?

Tasmanian Wolves are extinct, but to answer the question, no, they are marsupials. Note: The correct name for the Tasmanian wolf is Thylacine.

Are maned wolves really wolves?

Yes it is a subspecies of wolf though it shows many fox-like characteristics it is not closely related to foxes and lacks the elliptical pupils found in vulpine caninds.

How tall are were wolves?

In length wolves are about 5 to 6 feet including tail. And sometimes there shoulders can be the height of a counter.

Are wolves poor?

wolfs are poor in the way that they are endangered but good in any way

Why are wolves bad?

Wolves arent "bad". people just believe they are just because their scared because wolves are strong and eat meat with sharp teeth doesnt mean that their are bad. Wolves are not considered "bad". People are just afraid of them because they are. carnivores - a living thing that eats meat such as chi (MORE)

What is eats wolves?

Know there is only one animal that hunts wolves- us humans. We do not eat them for the most part as well. If you are talking about in a hunting way like a fox hunts and kills a rabbit then no they do not get eaten by anything. Yet if say the wolf dies, the body would decompose and animals with the j (MORE)

What do wolves love?

Howling at the moon, chasing down, killin and eating prey, mating, being warm and healthy.

Are wolves in Nevada?

Not likely. Any Zoos nearby would probably have some, but wolves virtually disapeered from every contigious state, except Minnesota.

What color can wolves be?

Wolves can be many colors; black, grey, white, A red-ish orange color, and brown. They're often a mix of two or more. Their eyes are gold/yellow, green, and rarely brown.

How deadly are wolves?

Wolves are dangerous but you shouldn't fear them they fear you, they can snap our bones and are very fast

With what do wolves fight?

Wolves fight with their teeth and claws. They ALWAYS fight with the pack. A wolf will never fight or hunt without their pack!

How you can save the wolves?

You can donate to or adopt wolves at the website listed in the Related Links or search Defenders of Wildlife.

Why are wolves territorial?

Wolves are territorial because they don't want anybody on their territory that they don't know because the intruder could start fights and attack. Also, they don't like anyone stealing their hunt and food. If a wolf was a pregnant mother, she'd be extra territorial to protect her pups.

Can wolves talk?

yes but not in any human languages they howl to let otheres know wher they are, and they use wolf sign language and the other wolfs know what they are saying.

Are there wolves in the Arctic?

There certainly are wolves in the Arctic. They are called Arctic Wolves for that reason, although they are also called Tundra Wolves. They are a sub-species of the Gray Wolf and is the only wolf known to roam its' original territory, primarily because humans do not populate their territory.

What do wolves hear?

Your question is quite broad and general. Wolves hear lots of different things, especially because it depends on where they live. In the tundra their hear mainly wind and their prey. In the desert it is pretty much the same, except there is a little more life like birds and such around. In the fores (MORE)

Do wolves kill wolves?

Yes, wolves kill other wolves, usually for territorial reasons. Yes, wolves will kill wolves from other packs, as well as adult lone wolves.

Do wolves attack wolves?

It depends on the status, pack and ranking of another wolf. Wolves in the same pack are less likely to attack one another than another wolf in another pack.

Are gray wolves the strongest of the wolves?

A: Gray wolves are the strongest of any kind of wolves. B. They are the largest Candis No. No specific breed of wolf is stronger than another, it all depends on the wolf itself.

How do wolves react to other wolves?

Well as you may or may not know wolves live in groups called packs. They have 6-24 members in their group! So wolves are not independent they are very social. But some wolves can abandon the pack that makes them a lone wolf. So the real question is "How does a lone wolf react to other wolves?" (MORE)

What eats wolves and what do wolves eat?

A bear or a mountain lion may kill and eat a wolf, but usually wolves are not the prey of choice. Wolves hunt in packs to kill food like deer, sheep, and other big animals. They also eat rodents, rabbits and other prey of opportunity.

Can wolves eat other wolves?

yes but they usually don't do this generally- they do attack other wolves if they don't eat them (that's not a usual act either) Yes, if the pack of wolves are in a harsh winter of extreme conditions and they are growing hungry, they will usually attack old and weak wolves and devour their corpses. (MORE)

Why do wolves fight other wolves?

Wolves fight other wolves either because they are threatened, challenged, asserting rank, or fighting over food/mate/land or are angry.

How do wolves get a long with other wolves?

To be honest, they are like humans. Some wolves get along with other wolves, and some don't. But if they do get along, it's most likely because they work together to survive.

What does Ontario have?

As a word, when spelled correctly, Ontario has two "O's", one "N", one "T", one "A", one "R", and one "I".