Are you an Alaska native if you were born in Alaska?

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Being born in Alaska does not make you an Alaska Native. That term is used only for people who are indigineous to Alaska such as Eskimos (Inuits), Alieuts, Athabaskans, Tlinkets, and Haidas, just to name a few. Native Alaskan refers to those born in Alaska.
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What bear is native to Alaska?

Brown (a sub-species of Grizzly). Answer There are 4 types of bearsin Alaska The Black Bear, The Brown Bear (which are located on thecoast as opposed to the Grizzly which is m

What animals are native to Alaska?

There are many animals that are native to Alaska. Some of theseinclude brown bears, polar bears, moose, caribou, and mountaingoats.

What cats are native to Alaska?

There are only 2 species of cats native to Alaska. The lynx, and the mountain lion. I hope this can help anyone out there

What are some native animals of Alaska?

Here are some: kodiak bear, caribou, trumpeter swan, polar bear, mountain goat, dall sheep, coyote, bison, ground squirrel, red fox, beaver, artic fox, porcupine, black-tailed

What is the name of a native American of Alaska?

In Alaska Native Americans are referred to as Natives. There are different tribes as you may say over the different regions of Alaska. In southeast there is Tlingit, Haida and