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Are you pregnant if you have milk coming out of your breasts but you're not leaking?

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hi i have two boys youngest is three and i still get milk all the time but you are still better off speaking to your doctor sorry i couldent help more.
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Are you pregnant if you're leaking breast milk but a pregnancy test was negative?

Most women do not start leaking breast milk in early pregnancy, though it certainly is possible; however, the question states that pregnancy is not necessarily present. There

Can a woman leak milk from her breast a week after her menses and not be pregnant?

  Answer   It is best to see your doctor concerning this matter - there are a variety of reasons that your breast may leak and not be pregnant but it is very importa

Can you be pregnant if i have milk coming out of my breast?

The level of hormones that produce lactation is high during pregnancy.In some cases when the hormone level of lactation producing hormones are high even when not in pregnancy
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Why does milk come from your breasts if you are not pregnant?

The pituitary gland in your brain still puts out the hormone Prolactin whether you are pregnant or not. Of course, it puts out a lot more if you are, but individual sensitivit