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Are your fingernails poisonous to your skin?

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Is the skin of an avocado poisonous?

No, it's not (I've consumed some by mistake), but it is tough and fibrous. I'd put it in the compost heap.

How to treat Poison ivy on skin?

The trick is to remove the oil from the skin as fast as possible. Wash the area with cold water for several minutes. Do not use soap or a washcloth. If swelling comes up quick

Why are fingernails poisonous?

They are not, unless you've been dipping your fingers in cyanide. (In which case you have bigger problems than not being able to eat your fingernails.)

What are the symptoms of skin poisoning?

Usually skin poisoning is related to sun poisoning. Instead of just getting a sunburn, you also suffer from nausea, lightheadedness, or dizziness. The symptoms can last anywhe