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Are zipped files smaller than unzipped files?

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Usually; however some file formats (jpg and mp3 are good examples) are already compressed and zipping them will not generally compress the file much further.
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How do you open zipped files on your computer?

Zip files are simply compressed versions of normal files. Much of the software which you can download from the internet is in a zip format. This reduces the file size and ther

What are zip file?

The ZIP file type is primarily associated with 'Compressed Archive File'. A .ZIP file is a compressed archive. It can contain only one file or many files in multiple directo

Why are mp3 files smaller than CD audio files?

  The mp3 extension of an mp3 file denotes that it is created using a different form of compression.     If an audio file were not to have any compression whatsoeve

Is Uncompressing a file the same as zipping a file?

Zip and WinZip are utilities that compress a file by removing extraneous characters that can later be replaced to reocver the file exactly. Sipping is compressing; unzipping i

How do you zip files or compress files?

First you have to download or install a archive/compression program. Some Operating systems come provided with such programs. I personally recommend 7zip. Anyways open up the

Why are mp3 files smaller than regular audio files?

Because - during the conversion from analogue to digital, the computer or recording device 'strips out' frequencies that are outside the human auditory range. We still here th

Is compressing a file and zipping a file the same?

Compressing is when the file type is changed to make it smaller usually by compressing it into a zip file. Proper explanation: "Compression is the reduction in size of dat

How do you know when a file is unzipped?

If you use an utility such as 'Winzip', then once the file(s) are unzipped it will show you the the folder they are in. And with most zip files programs you have to indicate

How much does a zip file compress by?

The amount that a file can be compressed by into a zip file dependson the file's type. Text, document, and Excel files can becompressed a great deal, usually in the 80 to 85 p

Are zip files safe?

I dont think so if you want to keep files from others to see, I would use that. There are encryption programs that does exist (another user might point a name). I personally u

How do you reduce the size of a zip file?

A zip file is usually in the smallest format possible for a condensed file. If you need for your file to be smaller it might be necessary to try making a zip file from a diff

How do you convert an MP3 file to a ZIP file?

You don't need to buy a converter to convert a zip to an mp3 file. Groups of MP3 files often come in a ZIP file for easier download. The ZIP file contains files that have been