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Arthur gave Carrie and doug what kind of car on king of queens?

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What gave King Arthur an advantage in battle?

According to later legend the enchanted sword Excalibur gave him an advantage in battle. This is almost certainly a later construction confusing early traditions of a magic sw

Who gave excalibur to King Arthur?

No one. He was the only person who was able to pull Excalibur from the stone in which it was embedded, The lady of the lake

When did King Arthur and Queen Guinevere get married?

250 a.D. King Arthur and Queen Guinevere are literary figures, so they did exist. Some say she was betrothed to Arthur from a young age, some say they only met when he became

Where in Queens does Doug and Carrie live?

This couple from the TV show "King of Queens", which is no longer  running, lived at the fictional address: 3121 Aberdeen Street, Rego  Park, Queens, New York.   It is n