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As a previous employee of J Baker Shoes 12 years management I am now retirement age and cannot find out who to contact for my promised pension?

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I too worked for J BAKER SHOES/NATIONAL SHOES for 12 years and have been looking for my pensions for several years.
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Why do people at a pensionable age use retirement planning calculators?

People use retirement planning calculators at a pensionable age to determine if their pension will be enough to take care of them after retirement. It helps determine how much

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Yes where can you find info about the retirement pension you worked for Woolco?

Please call this number... 1-877-566-9492. This is the number for Foot Locker Inc. Pension Trust. It handles the F. W. Woolworth pensions. I hope this helps. Also, I just foun

Where can I find FW Woolworth retirement pension information?

I left woolworth in 1975 after 16 yrs, of service ,i had vested rights , i am at retire age now,how do i apply. Call 1-877-566-9492 the retirement is with Footlocker do not

How do you find your retirement from Kinney Shoes?

The human resource office is in the east. The company exists as Footlocker but honors previous commitments, as far as I know. Their phone number is 877.566-9492. Or you can tr

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