At 12 weeks does your belly start to get hard under your belly button?

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I'm 11 weeks pregnant and my belly button has started to get firmer. My belly is also firmer and fuller, which is normal. My belly button is also a bit sore at times...I think this is because around weeks 16-20 it will start to pop out, which is also normal. your worries.
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When does your belly button start poking out?

%DETAILS%\n. \n. \n Answer \n. \nEvery one is different. Some peoples' start to poke out by the 2nd or 3rd month whereas some peoples will not poke out until the 8th or 9th month if at all!\n. \n Answer \n. \nI carried my son for 9 months, and my belly button never poked out. Some da (MORE)

At which month does your belly start to get harder and does it start getting bigger and harder under your belly button?

Hi, During your pregnancy your tummy usually becomes harder during the 3rd month of pregnancy but it can be earlier in some women if its their second pregnancy. If this is your second pregnancy, you usually show earlier than you did with your first and some first pregnancies are late showing. This i (MORE)

Is it normal to feel your baby move under your belly button?

Answer . Yes it is normal to feel your baby move under your belly button I'm pregnant with my third child and you feel the baby move any where it feels like kicking or turning. The only time you need to worry is if your baby inst moving at all.

What is the belly button for?

Answer . Your belly button or umbillicus is where your body was attached to your placenta by the umbilical cord when you were growing inside your mother before birth. It serves no practical purpose after you separate.. Spiritually, that point is the center of your intuition and will be excited, (MORE)

Hard belly button?

The belly button is the spot on the body where the umbilical cordattached in the womb. In pregnant woman the belly button starts topop out as a woman gets later in her pregnancy.

Would it mean you are pregnant if your belly feels hard around your belly button?

Well obviously you havent missed a period. I thought all of this too but i am now pregnant and know a lot more. No, just because it is hard around there doesnt mean you could be pregnant. It is more likely your muscles. When you first become pregnant, by the 4th week the only thing that is hard is a (MORE)

Can a 12-year-old in Kentwoodmichigan get a belly button piercing?

if you really want to know, go to a local tattoo parlor that you trust and BEFORE you ask to get it done talk to the tech and see if they are willing to pierce you and what the pros and cons are and such.. From my own experience (in Washington state) I've NEVER seen a piercer willing to consent to (MORE)

How do you get rid of fat under belly button?

Attempting to reduce fat in just one part of your body at a time islikely to be disappointing. Fat reduction works like this: When you try to lose fat, thereduction occurs all throughout your body. Unlike muscle-building,it cannot be specifically targeted to one region. Also, thereduction in fat wi (MORE)

If a line appears under your belly button could you be pregnant?

It is possible that that is a sign of you being pregnant. You may have to go and see a doctor because it may be something serious. Just to be onn the safe side Greentools Answer: Its normal for pregnant and non pregnant women. Especially if ure going through puberty, Dark or olive skin, preg (MORE)

Can you change a belly button ring before 6 weeks?

Sure, if you want to have trouble with it go ahead. Chances are really good that you have some little bobble jewellery thingy that you really like and you want to wear it before the piercing is healed properly. Look at it this way if your navel is healing fine and there isn't any problems,"leave it (MORE)

What is your belly button for?

A belly button, sometimes called a navel, is something everyone in the world has! From Alaska to Zimbabwe - and every place in between - people have belly buttons. And they're always in the same place on their bodies. As a baby develops inside the mother, he or she floats in fluid inside the mother' (MORE)

Do you have a belly button?

Yes. Some are not as obvious as others, but the connection of the umbilical cord has residual tissue either above or below the skin. The only exception is surgical removal of the tissue.

What can you do to get your belly button in?

Many patients are concerned about the "outy belly button". Plastic Surgeons perform what is called an umbilicoplasty or an umbilical hernia repair. It is best to speak with a plastic surgeon about your particular concern. Usually this procedure whether it requires an umbilical hernia repair or not c (MORE)

Can you get your belly button pierced if your 12 years old?

Well a few things to consider, physical development, location where you live and mental development. Physical Development: If you are not developed enough, many be a little over weight these can be factors that would dictate you should wait till you are a little older before getting the piercing. P (MORE)

Where is a place that will pierce a 12 year olds belly button?

Depending on state laws, it is actually illegal to pierce any child under the age of 16 other then earlobes. Some states, such as Idaho, even classify it as a double edged sword. If someone pierces a minor, the piercer may be charged with child abuse, while the parents are charged with child endange (MORE)

When does your belly start getting hard when your pregnant?

I suppose it varies from woman to woman and from pregnancy to pregnancy. However, from my experience I would say at around the beginning of the second trimester - so after 12 weeks. That's when I started to really notice the growing bulge of my little one and it was quite hard from then on - just li (MORE)

Where can 12 yeear olds get their belly buttons pierced?

It would be a judgment call on the part of the piercer, not all piercers will pierce anyone under 16 years of age, but check with your local piercing studios. Body Piercing Guidelines or "I want a piercing, now what" . All Body Piercing studios are regulated and work under regional and local h (MORE)

Why do we have belly buttons?

your belly button is where the umbillical cord is cutt off from your mother at your birth. the belly button is attached to the umbillical cord and it is attached to the placenta of the womb and the umbillical cod transports nutrients to the baby when its in the womb from the mother

Will they give you a belly button piercing if you are under age?

The only way to get a piercing of any kind if you are under age is to bring a parent or legal guardian with you to sign the paperwork, and to be there through the procedure. If you have no parent or guardian with you to sign the papers, they will refuse you service.

How do you ask you mom to get your belly button pierced at age 12?

Its actually better to wait to get your navel done. You still have a lot of growing to do. If you get it pierced now, there's a high chance that it'll shift and the placement will be off. if it looks good/centered now, it will probably be crooked or thinned out later on.

Can you take your belly button ring out after a week?

Yes! I did and I've had no problems or pain(: i had a CBR hoop and i popped my ball off on accident :P i put neosporin on the ends or both my jewlrey and chased the ring with my new one! didn't hurt and now my rings pretty and ready for swimsuits. :D Just because you didn't have problems doesn't (MORE)

How should a belly button piercing look after 3 weeks?

A belly-button piercing is usually still healing after 3 weeks, although the swelling and redness should have gone down and should be almost completely gone! If the area still looks irritated/puffy, or red then it's still healing. I hope this helped!(:

Why is your belly button piercing so painful after a week?

well i had my belly button pierced for a year or two it can be infected if you dont clean it 3 times day or its just you like every body's different with this kind of thing it only hurt 2 days for me so if it bleeds or anything then its probably infected