At what age did bill kaulitz have his first girlfriend?

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Bill said in an interview his first girlfriend was in fourth grade, and he really loved her. He said she was older. But I don't know how old he was exactly. Nine or ten, I guess?
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Does Bill Kaulitz have a girlfriend?

Bill has said in multiple interviews that he is currently single as of 2010. Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel is currently not dating anyone.

Did bill kaulitz have a girlfriend?

Bill Kaulitz have a new girlfriend her name is Leen D Kaulitz on facebook , but her real name is Linda D , she's from Québec Canada and she is 30+ years old they met on fac

Why doesn't bill kaulitz have a girlfriend?

Bill does not have a girlfriend because he has said before that he doens't want to just date anyone he is looking for the fight girl and he hasn't been able to find her yet be
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What are the names of Bill Kaulitz girlfriends?

Ina was one who also made a interview with 2 of Tom's ex gf. Linda was one he had during Devilish and she was the one with the longest relationship he had I think. She is also
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Does Bill Kaulitz has new girlfriend?

No,he doesn't he hasn't had one in six year's may have seen videos and photos saying he has one or seeing him kissing some girl but those aren't him. He said in a 2010 intervi
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Does Bill Kaulitz have a girlfriend 2013?

He does not have a girlfriend at the present time (March 4, 2013), but that does not mean that he will not have a girlfriend sometime in 2013.
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Who is bill kaulitz girlfriend 2014?

No one. He is still single according to himself. He has been singlesince he was 15 but has had one night stands according to thelatest interview.