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At what age did the slave begin to work full time in the fields?

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Can you draw unemployment at age 72 if you were working full time and lose your job?

As long as you qualify as any other worker who is applying for unemployment, your age does not matter. In fact, just the opposite may apply. If you could establish you were fi

Can you go to college full time and work full time?

  It is quite possible to work and go to school full time, though you may find you will have to take the minimum required hours to be full time (usually 12 hours). When pl

What type of work did field slaves do?

Regular farm work done by hand before mechanisation:   Land preparation, ploughing and hoeing; planting new crops;  applying fertiliser such as manure and lime; weeding a

What is the least amount of hours you can work if you are a full time associate?

  Each company determines what "full time" is. There are variations within each job classification such as "permanent part time", "shared time", ect. For most companies, t
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How many hours does a full time employee work?

The Department of Labor states that full-time vs. part-time is completely at the discretion of the employer. There is no set guideline.  For example, a company can require a