At what power factor do commercial 4 tube fluorescent fittings usually operate or can they vary?

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It varies based on the ballast. Most ballasts nowadays are "power factor corrected" to try and compensate for the bad powerfactor in switching power supplies. The actual power factor of a individual fixture is entirely dependent on the circuit of the ballast, which changes from design to design.
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What is commercial power factor?

Electrical inductive motors, transformers and magnetic ballasts bring real power that are measured in kilowats and reactive power (measured in kilovolt-amperes reactive, kvar)

How does 4 tube fluorescent work?

A four tube fluorescent luminaire is just 4 separate fluorescent lamp circuits in one fitting. Look up 'how things work' etc to see a fluorescent lamp circuit.

How do you wire a power cord to a four tube and two ballast fluorescent light?

Inside the fluorescent fixture tie the two black wires and the two white wires of both ballasts together. Now take the black wire of the power cord and tie it into the black b

What is the power consumption of 40 watt fluorescent tube?

You probably worded your question wrong, since the answer would be 40w. But I'll work out the charge to run it for you. I am working your questions using the MELBOURNE, AUSTRA

How does fluorescent tube glow?

mercury vapor in the tube is ionized by electriccurrent . ionized mercury vapor emits UV light . phosphor coating on inside surface of tube absorbs UV lightbecoming exc

Can you use 75 watt fluorescent tubes in 60 watt fixtures which is a different question because fluorescent lights do not operate as hot as incandescant bulbs?

You talk about tubes specifically so I assume the 60 watt fixture is also designed for tubes. In such a case you should not use a higher wattage tube. If you were to replace

How much area will a 2 tube 4' fluorescent light fixture cover?

Depends on how high it is off the floor. Make sure you buy a T8 andnot a T12. The T8 puts out more light and will operate at a lowertemperture. On a normal 8' ceiling a 2 bulb

What is the use of choke in the fluorescent tube?

The choke is used to give a surge of current during start up. This choke coupled with a relay (or sort of switch) will start to magnetize to its max capacity, once attained ma
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What is the use of fuse in fluorescent tube?

Fuse is used to restrict the flow of current to the tube when it is supplied with very high voltage. Due to high voltage the tube may burst and even the electrical apparatus g
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How do you fit a starter on a fluorescent tube?

The starter should easily fit into the florescent fixture by sliding it into the hole and then securing it by twisting it in place. If you are having issues, you may need to