At what time did the Jews give up Polygamy?

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Askenazi Jews gave up polygamy in Europe, in the eleventh century. However, Arab Jews continued the practice right up until the twentieth century. The state of Israel banned polygamy, but made an exception for Jewish immigrants from Arab areas such as Yemen.
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How were the Jews treated up to 1940?

Assimilated Jews were barely tolerated. Orthodox Jews were were ridiculed despised and hated. Ordinary, working class Jews were needed, tolerated and held in a state of limbo. Germany's Nuremberg laws made them all equal.

Did anyone stick up for the Jews?

Many are familiar with Oskar Schindler, but there were others. See the Jewish Virtual Library for some other "Rescuers" like Chiune and Yukiko Sugihara, Khaled Abdelwahhab, Miep Gies who protected the Frank family, and others whose moral courage is beyond question. Israel has named between 16 (MORE)

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How did the Germans round up the Jews?

Im pretty sure this is the answer to your question! The Germans new exactly who the Jews were because the Jews had to where a patch on them so that everyone knew they were a Jew. Also, stores that were owned by Jewish people, had to have a symbol or patch on their store big enough for people to see (MORE)

Do Jews give disproportionately to charity?

A report I read was that although Jews are just about 4% of the Amercian population they give app. 25% of the charity. This is for two reasons, firstly traditionally charity is the main Mitzvah / Biblical Good Deed in Judaism, as well as Jewish people are usually brought up with love and therefore (MORE)

What do Jews give to the family of the deceased?

When a close family member (parents, siblings, spouse) dies the week of "Shiva" is kept during which the mourners sit on low stools or on the floor.. People come to comfort the mourners. Other than kosher food nothing is customarily brought.

What are jews up to now?

Just livin'; same as you. And making the world a better place and making a living just like everyone else is with regards to this economy

Why did the Nazis force Jews to give up their jobs?

The Nuremburg Laws 1935 stated that Jews could not have a business. They had no culture ,could not vote, join arm forces, could not hold public office just to name a few. That they were not citizens/ no rights under the Reich Citizenship Law. But The wholesale dismissal of Jews had begun in April (MORE)

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How did Judaism give Jews strength?

Among other things, 1) the words of the Torah and the sages are filled with wisdom and advice of all kinds. 2) The Torah preaches hope, happiness and optimism.

What charities do Jews give to?

All sorts. registered charities where money can be used effectively rather than giving money to a man or woman on the street who could quiet easily just buy alcohol with it rather than using it to get themselves out of the situation. so Jews tend to give to registered charities where people are less (MORE)

How were the Jews treated up to 1596?

Not particularly well, we know this because we do and life was just utterly terrible. Jews were spat upon and people didn't really life them for their so called 'Jewish' ways. My guess is that you're studying the merchant of venice, as it was written in 1596, so yeah shylock is a jew and isn't liked (MORE)

How and when do Jews wake up?

Paul writes that when the full number of Gentiles have come then the eyes of the Jews will be opened. Jesus tells in Matt. 23 in Jerusalem "you will not see Me again until you say Bless the One who comes in the Name of the Lord." Isaiah says that their eyes and ears will not perceive the Messiah's (MORE)

What name did the Jews give God?

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Who rounded up the Jews and relocated them?

Most of the Jews were rounded up just by putting them in line and taking role and putting them in a really small ship and sended them east and most of the Jews died along the way and they didn't care sadly.

Did Jews ever give up during the holocaust?

In a lot of cases, the Jews did not that they were being led to slaughter. The Nazis told them that they were going to take a large group shower, but instead of water coming out of the shower head, poison gas did. As with any group, there were Jews who could not take life in the concentration camps (MORE)

Who do Jews look up to?

Modern Jews look up to Joseph because it taught them a lesson e.g not to get jelous,not to trade siblings and last but not least is that dreams can come true.

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When did polygamy stop in bible times?

Polygamy was tolerated until the time of the Christian congregation. (1 Timothy 3:2) The overseer should therefore be irreprehensible, a husband of one wife, moderate in habits, sound in mind, orderly, hospitable, qualified to teach. (Titus 1:5-6) For this reason I left you in Crete, that yo (MORE)

Was polygamy occurring before Abraham's time?

Most likely although I'm not sure if it is mentioned. Egyptian pharoahs which existed before Abraham probably owned concubines but.. Answer from the Bible: Yes. A man named Lamech (a descendant of Cain) was the first recorded to have taken more than one wife ( Genesis 4:19 ).

Why did the Jews give Jesus to Rome?

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What are Jews made up of?

Jews are composed of people of a variety of different races (physically) but are of one historical ethnicity and are of a unified historical character.

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Why did the Jews end up in Egypt?

Actually the problem here is that there is no evidence, beyond the account in Exodus, that they were there in any numbers There are no Egyptian records of their presence and no archeological evidence of a large number of people travelling through the Sinai Even the 40 years in exile defies answe (MORE)

What can you do about polygamy?

We have already done something about it in the United States. It is against the law. We have already done something about it in the United States. It is against the law. We have already done something about it in the United States. It is against the law. We have already done something about it in (MORE)

Why did Britain give Palestine to the Jews?

Politically, the British wanted Jewish Militias in Palestine as well as wealthy pro-Zionist patrons to join the British War Effort and therefore promoted the Balfour Declaration as a way of getting that aid.

Why did the Nazis give the Jews so little time to prepare to move?

In most cases the Jews had days or weeks to prepare. For examplethe scene in the film 'Schindler's List' where the ghetto iscleared was made up for dramatic purposes, in reality they had manydays' notice and the evacuation happened during the daytime. Towards the end of the Holocaust the deportation (MORE)

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