Automatic supra manu button?

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k manu button works like this.when its pressed L is first gear 2 is second gear and d is 3gear,automatic supra equipped with manu butane tyetronic,symply,its automatic,but when u want to be more fuel efficient or race ,press and use L for firs 2 for second and d for third gear:Dhope i helped:D
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How do you change the wiring for changing from a 1985 supra automatic to a 1983 supra 5 speed transmission?

The engine control module in the automatic transmission Supras and the Manual transmission Supras in the MKII (1982-1986) body style are interchangable year for year. You do N

What is the button by the shifter of a automatic SC1 for?

Answer . \nthe only button I know by the shifter is the for economy setting and power setting..from what I understand it changes the parameters in the computer control mod

What is the use of Hold button for automatic transmission?

hold+2 will be permanent second, hold+3 will start in second, change up to 3rd as soon as possible and then basically stay there, and hold+D will start in second then

What is the use of the hold button on a galant automatic?

The transmission is very smooth shifting as well and has a "hold" feature that gives some degree of manual control. I've found it to be really useless to be honest. It does no

What is the use of a manu button on the automatic transmission?

its like triptronic in an automatic car, click the 'Manu' button in and the move the gear stick down to 'L', L locks the car in first gear then when you want to change gear mo