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k manu button works like this.when its pressed L is first gear 2 is second gear and d is 3gear,automatic supra equipped with manu butane tyetronic,symply,its automatic,but when u want to be more fuel efficient or race ,press and use L for firs 2 for second and d for third gear:Dhope i helped:D
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What is the A M button on the console next to the automatic shifter on a 98 BMW z3?

The m button is for manual. M is something that puts the car and it leaves it fourth gear that is why you feel your car drop once you press it. Also that is why it takes a h

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Manu is Animal in English. In the name Manu Samoa, I can only surmise that Manu is used to describe the Team as Warriors with strength, power and fearlessness in them. Manu Sa

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Manu is a bird in maori!

Where is the manus region?

  manus   1. The distal part of the arm, including the carpus, metacarpus, and digits. 2. The hand.

What does ECT MANU button in Toyota?

makes you explode and you go in "turbo mode" aka ejector seat

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He is a French chef

Can the speedometer cable affect the shifting on a 1987 automatic Toyota Supra if the cable is broken and the car will not go over 30 mph staying only in first gear?

    Yes it will affect it, I've experienced this twice. The first time it snapped and the other time the end had came out of the transmission. Toyota uses an electroni