Average cost of carpet installation?

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About $5 per square yard. Been doing it 45 years.
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How much does it cost to install carpet?

It depends on the level of service being provided. For newconstruction no furniture to move or old flooring to remove, pricesin the Northeast are approximately 65 cents per sq

What is the average cost for builder grade carpet and installation?

There really is no such thing as "builder grade " carpet. The closest definition would be low cost carpet. When buying carpet the general rule is the more it costs the better

What is the average labor cost for carpet installation And What is the avg mark up on materials for a contractor?

Average would be $5/ sq yd. Although prices would very depending on Geographics, and type of carpet. This price is just to install pad and carpet. Removing old carpet would be

What is the average cost per square foot to install carpet and pad?

How much a foot for carpet Mark Twain said that "One foot on fire & one foot on ice & on AVERAGE your pretty comfortable" I share his view that average is a pretty illusion

What is the cost to install carpet padding?

This question has no definite answer. Some suppliers quote it as an installed price already included. The price on the padding itself may vary with thickness and variety - rou

What is the average occupancy cost for a carpet retailer?

A zillion variables here, big building or small, warehouse or showroom or stocking dealer or sample store. Start up or mature, big market or small rural store, lease or own. M
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What is the average labor cost of carpet installation?

It varies greatly from product to product and from market to market. The best way to get an answer is to put an ad on Craigslist telling what you want installed, the more
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What are the costs for carpet installation from Floor Tech?

These prices can vary as a function of desired type, surface, finishing, color, installation costs and possible other service fees. It's pretty hard to give an quotation strai
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What is the average cost for a carpet cleaner rental?

The average cost for a carpet cleaner rental is around $20-$32 a day for an average-sized carpet cleaner. For a wider one, it can be anywhere between $25-$32 a day. If you wan