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Harry Potter had three children by the names of Lily Potter, Albus Severus Potter, and James Potter, with the mother being Ginny Weasley.
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Average price of loaf of bread?

The average price for a loaf of bread is two dollars. You can findsome store brands for under a dollar. There are also some specialtybreads that can cost as much as four dolla

What is the average flight price to Italy?

The average cost of a round trip plane ticket from the UnitedStates to Italy is $1,999.00. However, the price may changedepending on when the ticket is bought.

What are the average prices of PS3 games and average price for PS3?

The average price for newly released games is the full retail price of just under $60 with little or no discount offered. After the games have been out for a while the prices
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What is the average price of a Fisher Price Jumperoo?

Fisher Price Jumperoos will cost around $110 to purchase on average. However, they are often placed on sale so keeping an eye on the ads in your local paper is the best way to