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The main bad thing about selective breeding is that it can be very bad for the animals health. Take the pedigree dog, the King Charles Spaniel. This dog has been selectively bred to have a smaller head so now their brains are two big for their skull. This is very painful for the animal and in the worst cases, the dog has to be put down.
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What is selective breeding?

Selective breeding is the process in which two animals from thesame species reproduce due to useful characteristics. Two animalswith a certain type of characteristic are bred

Why is selective breeding known as artificial selection?

Selective breeding is known as artificial selection because you areselecting the mates instead of letting them select their own. It'sbypassing nature so it's classified as art

Selective breeding and natural selection?

Selective breeding is when a species is purposely breed to have certain characteristics. Ex. lots of dogs are breed to have a shiny coat, of a certain color of fur etc. Natura

What breeds are made from selective breeding?

all breeds of animal can be selective breed DaveScriv added: Indeed all breeds of domestic livestock were created by selective breeding, although it looks more obvious on som

Selective breeding what is it?

its when you take a desirable trait to produce a certain kind of offspring. like making bigger sweeter strawberries or making horses faster.

How is selective breeding different from natural selection?

In selective breeding the traits that the offspring inheirits is controlled by the person who is doing the breeding. For example if a chihuahua breeder is looking to make smal

What is selected breeding?

Selective breeding in domesticated animals is the process of a breeder developing a cultivated breed over time, and selecting qualities within individuals of the breed that wi

Why is selective breeding bad?

In general ... the people who do the selecting have no idea what the consequences of their meddling will be. This form of short-sightedness often results in detrimental result

How are natural selection and selective breeding different?

Selective breeding is when farmers or bioligists breed certain animals together because of their traits. This is man made . For example, cattle are breeded together based on

How is cross breeding different from selective breeding?

Cross breeding is simply taking two breeds of animals and mating them together (Such as a Charolais crossed with a Hereford). Where selective breeding is selecting the what

What is the difference between breeding and selected breeding?

Breeding is just breeding any pair of parents together to get offspring, whereas selected breeding is choosing a certain set of parents and targeting a few specific traits you