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Teks descriptive/description adalah teks yang mendeskripsikan suatu benda, orang, atau tempat secara terperinci. Struktur dari teks decriptive, yaitu: 1. Pengenalan subjek 2. Ciri-ciri subjek Contoh teks descriptive: Rafflesia Arnoldii Rafflesia Arnoldii is a rare flower that is well known because of the size of the flower's petals and the smell of rotten meat that it gives out. This enormous and rare flower grows in the forest of Southeast Asia, including the Phillipines. Its large flower can grow to 3 meters in diameter and weigh up to 11 kilograms. It does not have any leaves, stem, or roots and because of lacking clorophyls this plant can not photosynthesize making it a parasite, living on other plants nutrition. The flower has five petals red in colour and has white spots, which surrounds the middle of the flower much like a hole. At the base of the flower there is a part which has needles and contains the reproduction parts of the flower. Rafflesia Arnoldii reproduces with the help of flies that are attracted to the flowers smell (which some observers say smells much like bad meat and rotten eggs mixed). The flower only lasts for five to seven days and then dies.
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