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  1. Sweet potato tops are excellent sources of antioxidative compounds,
    mainly polyphenolics, which may protect the human body from oxidative
    stress that is associated with many diseases including cancer and
    cardiovascular diseases.
  2. Sweet potato greens have the highest content of
    total polyphenolics among other commercial vegetables studied.
  3. Sweet potatoes contain protein, dietary fiber, lipid, and essential
    minerals and nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, sodium,
    potassium, sulfur, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, aluminum and boron.
  4. Sweet potatoes are also important sources of vitamin A, thiamin, riboflavin,
    niacin and ascorbic acid."
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The information That I have been able to glean on it would suggest that it would be relatively low in purines, and there fore not a big producer of uric acid.

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How do you make indicator in camote tops?

Camote Lives was Colored But i dont know :P YOur answer in Color of  indicator is "Lowgreen" . the nature of sample is Basic.

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