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Benjamin Netanyahu live in Iran-babol town in childhood?

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i live in babol and many people here say the same thing but i am not sure because i checked it in wikipedia . there has written he was born in 1949 in tel aviv .
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Did Benjamin Netanyahu ever live in long beach new york?

i have been told that Benjamin netanyahu lived in long beach New York at some point in his life i would like an answer to the question did Benjamin netanyahu ever live in long

Why is Benjamin netanyahu called bibi?

According to Netanyahu family lore, it stems from childhood confusion with another older Benjamin who was the big BB while the future prime minister was the little Bibi.

When did Benjamin Netanyahu die?

As of mid-May 2011, Benjamin Netanyahu is alive and well, and still serving as the Prime Minister of Israel.

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How old is Benjamin Netanyahu?

Benjamin Netanyahu is 61 years old (birthdate: October 21, 1949).

Was Benjamin Netanyahu born in Sudan?

No, he was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Netanyahu was born in the Sudan. He still has relatives living and working overthere. This born in Tel Aviv and the name change by his

Is Benjamin Netanyahu a Christian?

Benjamin Netanyahu, currently (mid-2011) the Prime Minister of Israel, is Jewish.