Best flash diffuser for canon 50d?

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I used a Sto-Fen Omni Bounce on my 430EX flash unit that works very well.
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Will a canon flash work on a Nikon camera?

Short answer: "Not recommended". Long answer: The center contact on a flash shoe transmits the signal for a flash to fire. This contact is in the same place on all cameras th

What camera is best for your needs Nikon d300 Nikon d700 canon eos 50d canon eos 5d mark ii?

It depends what you're needs are. The needs of a sports photographer are quite different from a studio portrait photographer. When selecting a camera, you need to think about

What lens are Compatible with Canon 50D?

All lenses that have a "ef" or "ef-s" mount can work on a canon 50d. Be mindful, if you decide to go with a fill frame camera later on, the "ef-s" lenses will create heavy vig

Will a Nikon flash work on a canon camera?

Short answer is no ... most flash units are camera specific, meaning that they will only work with the camera they were designed for. . Longer answer is yes ... if you want t

How do you turn the flash off on the canon 1000d?

There are two options. Option 1: you turn the big twist-button, where your on/off switch is located, and turn it until it is on the No Flash mode. Option 2: When you use

What type of flash does a canon t3i need?

A recommended flash for the Canon T3i is the Canon 430EX II. This flash is about $270. However, honestly, any Canon flash will work well with the camera.
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What are the key features of the Canon Eos 50D?

The Canon EOS 50D is a popular model of digital camera. The camera features a 15.1 megapixel resolution, enhanced face detection capabilities, and compatibility with both Comp
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What does a flash diffuser do?

This is a photography technique. The purpose of a flash diffuser is to create a bare bulb effect while taking pictures. This is used when one cannot expose the flash tube in o
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What is a camera flash diffuser used for?

The flash diffuser on a camera is used to broaden the length of the flash and to soften the image up before taking the picture in order to get a good one when it is dark out.
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What is a Canon ring flash used for?

A Canon ring flash is used by professional photographers to take macro photography. A normal flash at close up objects usually creates bad lighting, but a ring flash diffuses
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What extended warranty can one get with a new Canon 50D?

If you purchase the warranty directly from Canon they offer a 2 year extended warranty. The warranty covers unforeseen repair costs. It includes parts and labor but is subjec