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how did you type this if you dont know english? That would probably be Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is pretty good but it is expensive. i Immersion is a free alternative but not as good.
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What is the best way to learn English?

The best way to learn English is to go to a country where thepeople speak native English or you may enroll in an online school.If you don't want to spend on travel, it's good to, a Skype online English School. On your own you can do several things. Most importantly, read work (MORE)

How can you learn English?

The most straightforward way is to hear and speak, and also read, that language. The mastering of written languages often involves tedious conjugations and word rules. An easier way is to become fluent in the language verbally , so that the special tenses and variations are easier to appreciate. A (MORE)

Where can you learn English?

There are many places where you can learn to speak English. You can do it online or off line. However, doing it face to face off line is usually the easiest way to do it.

Why do you learn English?

I would guess that you learn English because you would like to be able to speak correctly and communicate well with others and hopefully obtain the best possible job in the future. I am assuming of course that you live in an English-speaking country. I learned English firstly because it is a compuls (MORE)

What is the best way to learn English if you live in Murcia Spain?

La mejor manera de aprender ingles es hablando con un nativo. Charlando con un nativo es el único manera de hablar efectivamente. Hay algunos sites que conectan las personas con tutoras gratis. es un site que conectan personas con tutoras nativos. . The best way to learn English (MORE)

How to learn english?

To learn a language takes 5 years and the best way to start is to connect words from your own language to the new language using your knowledge of your L1 ( your native language) to help you learn your L2 language (the new language). Many people do this naturally because they need to connect in some (MORE)

Why do you have to learn English?

One does not have to learn English. However, English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and is a primary lingua franca in business affairs and otherwise. Learning English, if you do not speak it already, would help you if you want to go to school in an English-speaking nation (MORE)

What is the best software for composing a software?

I think the term of composing a software is wrong.The correct is developing a software . There is no best software for developing software. It's highly related to what software you are interested to develop. Maybe you mean to develop a software? It's up to what you plan to develop exactly. Just try (MORE)

What is the best language to learn a language best to learn for economy and useful when traveling around other than English?

This depends on one's own individual circumstances, but there is certainly a small number of languages that would be most economical to learn, by virtue of the fact that they are used as common languages between groups of people whose native languages are not intelligible - these are called superc (MORE)

Why do I have to learn English?

You do not have to learn English if you don't live in a country with the official language as English, such as the United States of America. If you do come to the U.S.A. then you must learn.

What is the best way to learn to speak English?

Arrange for a tutor; Order only TV channels in English with subtitles in your language.(I think this one works best because they will not have an accentthat is hard to understand.) Watch movies. Take English classes. This will teach you about the languageitself, and how you speak it properly. Try (MORE)

Why you have to learn English?

Becasue many people speaking English in the world. If you go to social life, you have to speaking English. Also if you want to get job, you need to get 3/4 VCE English score over 20 points. Otherwise, America is using English. America is one of the powerful country in nowadays.

What is the best way to learn good English?

One must learn 4 new words from the dictionary everyday & revise the words learnt earlier.Reading good books & the editorial section of the newspapers would further improve one's English

Why do you have to learn in English?

You don't have to learn English. With so many people speaking English as either their first language or second and with so many businesses using English as their 'base' language to conduct business with other countries and cultures it is advisable to learn the language. You also don't have to lea (MORE)

Best way to learn American English?

The best way to learn American English is to live in the states.When you are surrounded in American culture you will learn thelanguage quicker.

You are not good at English What is the best way to learn English?

Your question is certainly very well put so you have a good start. The best way to learn English is to try and read it in books (start with simple children's books) and look up the meaning of any words you do not understand in a dictionary (or in the related link below). Next tune your radio into (MORE)

What is the best software to learn guitar?

powertab or guitar pro, to learn scales and if you want to figure out a chord heres some sites.... youtube is by far the BEST place to lean guitar though , I'm not even joking. if you're not sure about a chord if you want to (MORE)

What is the best way to learn English at home?

There two types of 'learning English at home'. . 'Learning English' for those whose first language (mother tongue) is not English, or . studying English as a school subject for those who already speak English. The study might include English literature, comprehension, composition etc. This a (MORE)

What is the best resource for a native speaker to start to learn more about the English language?

Learn Latin-seriously-English grammar system is based on the Latin system, it will show you how to describe and use English more effectivly. Many English words are derived from Latin, so you will be able to use English words more accuratly with a better grasp of their meaning.. Some things that are (MORE)

What is the best language to learn after English in different countries of the world?

Based upon likely economic importance and influence, MandarinChinese. If you don't have a pretty acute sense of pitch, try Hindi If you are thinking European languages... then Either French, whichis still a staple in much of South East Asia as well as Europe... Or Spanish- which is spoken all over (MORE)

What is the best language to learn after English?

It really depends for what purpose you are learning the language. If you want a really popular language, I believe that Chinese Mandarin is the second (if not most) spoken language in the world. Although, if you want to go on a holiday somewhere, i highly suggest you learn the language most commo (MORE)

What did you do to learn English?

all i had was a dictionary and a thesaurus some words are really hard that's why when i first tried English it was hard! Try to foces on the teacher to know what your doing if you don't understand your teacher ask your teacher to say it more slowly ok that's all you have to do!

The best way to learn the subjunctive mood in English?

The subjunctive mood is used primarily for contrary-to-fact constructions: If I were you (but I am not)... ; and for urging or ordering: It is important that he see me. In form the past subjunctive of the verbs to have and to be are " had" and "were," respectively, for all persons singular and plura (MORE)

How do you learn English?

You can get an online coach or use a translator. Immersion is the best technique: live with a family that speaksEnglish. You can also take English language classes.

Which is the best guitar learning software?

I will vote for Jamorama. Very informative course. you'll get there all the theory+videos. Still, I think it's better to start with private teacher but if you cannot afford the investment I would go for Jamorma...

How can you learn in English?

There are many ways you can begin to learn another language this includes English: 1) Enrol on English class course 2) Use a translator online 3) Buy a English Phrase book 4) Buy an English dictionary 5) Speak to people who can speak English once you have done some work on the language to (MORE)

What is the best software for learning spanish?

The best software to learn Spanish will be the one that suits the way you like to learn. As they all have different methods I would recommend you take advantage of the Free trials or lessons that most of the online providers provide. Happy hunting :)

Why do we learn English?

We learn English because it will help you the most in the long run. You will use it everyday for important things and places, such as work, traveling, and something as simple as writing a letter to relatives. If the person that made this website did not learn English you would not have even been eli (MORE)

How can you learn the English?

If you want to learn English, then I'd recommend finding resourceswhich will guide you through the language or hiring a tutor to helpyou out. :)

What can you do to learn English?

Hire a tutor in your local area. Read an English newspaper more often. Read more novels. Attempt to speak English more often/Communicate using English more. Watch some Western films, note common words and phrases, as well as any colloquial language used.

What is the best language to learn nowadays after English?

Depends on what you want to learn but I recommend Chinese Mandarin, it is the most spoken language in the world. I would go with Spanish because it is very sexy and widely used. Definitely not Hindi(India) they all speak English already. French is my runner up!

Where to learn English?

You can learn English alot of places in America I would recommend taking a class from someone who speaks it fluently. if you do not know English you can talk to friends that no English and maybe they can help you fine a place that could teache you English!! Hope that helps!! (:

Is learning grammar the best way to learn English?

It all depends on what you will be doing with your English. If you will never be speaking in English, grammar, vocabulary, idioms, and sentence structure are important. However, if you would like to speak English, it is easier to use a more balanced approach: practice speaking and back up your speak (MORE)

What software is available to help one learn English online?

There are a multitude of options open to those looking to learn English through their computer. Rosetta Stone and Tell Me More English are two of the highest-rated programs, but there are plenty of options for those still looking to learn but not willing to pay such a high price. ELL Technologies of (MORE)